Easy School Fundraiser: Drive Through Decals Events

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With Back to School on the horizon, one thing is certain: Schools will be in need of fundraisers. If you’re close to your PTO or PTA, you could suggest a ‘Drive Though Decals’ event to raise money for your school.

What is a Drive Through Decals Event?

The premise behind a Drive Through Decals event is simple: Customers line up in their cars and make their way through an ‘assembly line’ to get a decal applied to their car. The school buys the decals (from a small business owner like you!) and upcharges to make a profit.

Organizing the Drive Through Decal Event for a School

  1. Plan to hold the event in the school parking lot. Immediately before or after school or an event is ideal.
  2. Make up flyers with the time and date of the event, location of the event, a picture of the decal to be applied, and the cost. I’d charge between $5 and $8 and accept cash only. A design with the school or sports logo is perfect!
  3. Stop 1: Customer pays for the decal. Be sure to have an extra jar for additional donations available, as well as extra decals that the customer can purchase and apply themselves.
  4. Stop 2: A spot on the back window is cleaned with a paper towel and alcohol for the decal to be applied.
  5. Stop 3: The decal is applied and the transfer tape is removed. The customer drives away.

Crafting Specifics

  • Decals that are around 4 inches by 4 inches work great for Drive Through Decals Events. All cars will have the same decal applied to them during the event.
  • Consider using white for the decals. This will ensure that they can be seen even on car windows with darker tints.
  • Decals should be precut in adhesive vinyl (Oracal 651 or similar), weeded, and have transfer tape applied before the event.
  • A few helpers during the event will make it run faster and smoother. Use common sense if having children help, since cars will be moving around.


It’s that simple to host a Drive Through Decals event and you can plan them quite quickly. As the small business owner, you can be present and run the event yourself, or simply provide the decals and let the PTO/PTA handle the actual event.

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14 thoughts on “Easy School Fundraiser: Drive Through Decals Events”

  1. Christine,
    I love this idea. What a fun way to get your product out there. It’s kind of like a car wash but, with decals. Awesome idea! Thank you so much!
    Your the greatest!
    We really look forward each morning to opening up your page and seeing what you are talking about today.
    Thank you again! You are appreciated and loved!!!

  2. Is it appropriate to offer this to someone wanting to raise money but keeping enough to pay for the supplies and effort that I put into it? Or is that a no no?

          1. Do you suggest charging more than the $5/decal and keep the extra or advertising that a certain percentage is going toward the fundraiser?

          2. I’d cover the cost of your supplies and time. I wouldn’t profit from a fundraiser. Others choose to take profits from fundraising, but I think it is a little bit in poor taste.

  3. What do you suggest on figuring out how many decals to make? Ask people to RSVP or reserve decals prior to the event? I’d be afraid of making 50 decals and having 150 cars show up.

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