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6 Tips to Handle a Vacation in Your Silhouette or Cricut Business

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Summer is coming and many small business owners will take a vacation. But, what should you do with your Silhouette or Cricut small business while you are gone? Here’s my best advice to get ready for your summer vacation.

6 Tips to Handle a Vacation in Your Silhouette or Cricut Business

  1. Let customers know early. Make several announcements on social media and your website about your vacation beginning several weeks before you leave.
  2. Be specific. Be specific about the details of your vacation. I’m not talking where you are going. Instead, include what dates you’ll be gone, when (and if) you’ll be accepting orders while you are gone, whether or not you will you be keeping up with emails or issues that arise, or if you will be offline and completely unreachable.
  3. Schedule social media ahead of time. Keep up with your social media messages while you are away. Schedule either with each network or use a third party service.
  4. Set up autoresponders. Set up messages to instantly reply to customers on social media and email who may message while you are away. Promptly return any messages when you arrive home.
  5. Have a sale. Hosting a sale either immediately before you leave or immediately when you return can help offset having your business closed.
  6. Share some pictures. Share a few vacation pictures while you are gone, but don’t go overboard – it is your business page.

Etsy sellers: If you have an Etsy Shop: There is a “Vacation Mode” setting which allows you to close your shop while you are away (Go to Your Shop, Shop Settings, Options, Vacation Mode). It’s been highly debated over the years the amount of damage it does to close your shop (losing of rankings, etc). If you do not want to use the Vacation Mode setting, consider changing your shop announcement and shop header to say that you are on vacation.

One more thing: When I go out of town, I always allow myself one extra day to be home before returning to work. This gives me time to catch up on laundry, chores, mail… and rest!

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6 Tips to Handle a Vacation in Your Silhouette or Cricut Small Business - by

Brandi Mahon

Wednesday 29th of May 2019

These are all great tips! I'm planning to be on vacation this coming Saturday for a week! Yeah me!

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 3rd of July 2019