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Marketing: How to Donate Handmade Wall Decor for Free Advertising

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Remember that post from a few weeks ago about a creative way to promote your business while wishing your friends a happy birthday on Facebook? (If you missed it – read it here.) Today’s post is similar because I’m sharing another sort of sneaky way to get free advertising by donating wall decor. I have to say, this isn’t my original idea – I’ve seen it in action at my children’s doctors office!

What’s the Idea and How Does it Work?

The general idea is that you find a small business that you can create wall decor to fill their walls. In exchange for donating the decor, a small plaque is placed below or beside the decor with your business name and website information. When customers of the small business admire your decor, they have the option of reaching out to you and purchasing.

What Businesses Might be Ideal?

For this kind of marketing, it’s best to stick with “mom and pop” type shops. Think restaurants, barber shops, salons, real estate offices, lawyers, tax preparation offices, and anywhere else where customers physically visit the location. Once you locate a good space, reach out to the owner, let them have say in the design, create the products, and hang them with pride along with a small sign or plaque for customers to reach you or order.

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