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How to Achieve Your Craft Business Goals (+ Free Printable)

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Let’s build on my recent post on goals. Hopefully by now you’ve had time to draft up a few business goals for your Silhouette or Cricut business. If not – do that first – then come back here and work through this post.

I see this happen the beginning of every year: Everyone sets a bunch of goals, throws the paper aside, and never looks back on it again. Sound familiar? I can only talk about the way I set and achieve goals – but – it works! Here’s my step-by-step method:

How to Achieve Your Craft Business Goals

  1. Download and print my goal worksheet at this link. You’ll need one goal worksheet for each goal you have.
  2. Identify the top goals. I typically choose 1 – 3 goals that I want to work towards at the same time. Write one of your goals at the top of the worksheet.
  3. Next, write concrete steps you can take to achieve your goal. Be sure to set a deadline for each step. For example, if I want to increase the sales in my craft business I might set a goal for specific promotions tied to major holidays. My deadline for each would be near each holiday.
  4. Hang your goals worksheet somewhere you will see each day. It could be the wall of your workspace, your refrigerator, or even your bathroom mirror. I also usually set an alert on the calendar of my phone to remind me of the deadlines.
  5. After your key deadlines, complete the goal check in section of the worksheet. At this point, if you are not making progress on your goal, you may need to reevaluate it or the steps you are taking.
  6. Record the goal results. Once your time is up or you’ve completed your goal, fill in the Goal Results section of the worksheet.
  7. Create a follow up goal. If you haven’t achieved your goal, modify the goal, record it in a new worksheet and start working towards it again. If you have completed your goal (CONGRATS!), write a followup goal and repeat the process with a fresh goal worksheet.

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