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5 Ways to Deal with Copycats in Your Craft Business

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Imagine this: You work really hard on a brand new product or design, make it, photograph it, edit the photos, and list it online. A few days later, you see the same product or design being sold by several other sellers online. Bummer. But, what can you do about crafting copycats?

5 Ways to Deal with Copycats in Your Craft Business -

5 Ways to Deal with Copycat Crafters

Do Nothing

Personally, I usually do nothing. It’s simply the nature of the craft world. If you truly came up with an original idea, limit where you post it. I see so many crafters share their latest and greatest craft projects and products with Facebook Groups of hundreds of thousands of other crafters. Of course it is going to get copied by someone. If it helps keep your spirits high, keep in mind the famous quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Charles Colton

Block the Copycat

If you are constantly being copied by the same crafter, block their accounts from seeing you on social media.

Send a Cease and Desist Letter

If another crafter is using your photo, this is a copyright infringement. Unfortunately, there are several Chinese based companies who have a reputation online for stealing photos. A cease and desist letter is a statement to the other seller that you did not give them permission to use your photo and they should remove it immediately. In the event that they do not remove the photo, you are able to take legal action against them. Cease and desist letters can be sent by you or by an attorney. To quickly create a cease and desist letter visit

Report the Infringement

If your photos are being stolen on a marketplace (like Etsy) or social media, report the copycat. In most cases, social media networks and marketplaces are quick to remove stolen photos – provided that you can prove it is your photo.

Improve Your Branding

You can include a sign with your logo, a business card, or other branded trinket in your photos. Read how to brand your photos without using a watermark.

Before you go, I’ve written a previous article about crafting ethically – be sure to read it.


Sunday 12th of November 2017

What happens if your the victim of an insane person accusing you of stealing her design in basketry which they aren't even close in only one feature we use sea kelp otherwise making baskets are never copied it's impossible. But she's been harassing me throughout 7 years and the last time she went to my contact page to email me accusing me of now stealing her words in a post I wrote that is not even possible. It was about sea kelp and how, what etc from Wikipedia and then I ended it with a story of my huge idiotic thing I did and she said I stole that too!!! I'm being harassed and she's very mean. What can I do?


Monday 13th of November 2017

I'd recommend that you contact the police. In some jurisdictions, you can obtain a restraining order from her contacting you if she is harassing you.