Greek Licensing in Your Silhouette or Cricut Business

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I talk a lot about trademarks and licensing on Cutting for Business. Several readers have asked if I had any information I could share about copyright or trademark concerns for Greek life. If you want to create Silhouette or Cricut made products to sell in honor of your favorite sorority or fraternity, you will want to get licensed first because the names and insignias are trademarked.

Licensing Facts with Affinity Consultants (

  • Affinity Consultants handles licensing arrangements for more than 100 Greek Organizations.
  • An application, applicable fees, and product samples are required to apply for licensing.
  • Royalties are required upon the sale of the products; but¬†royalty amounts vary between organizations.
  • All product designs must be approved before being produced.
  • A $1 million dollar insurance policy is required.
  • Anyone that plans to sell Greek themed sorority or fraternity items must be licensed. This includes the use of the organization’s name, Greek letters, crests, badges, and insignias.
  • Sorority or Fraternity members must be licensed if they plan to sell items with trademarks on them.
  • A full list of Official Vendors is located on

Obtaining licensing for Greek Organizations is attainable for small sellers. Unlike larger companies that I’ve highlighted before like Disney and the NFL, makes it possible for one person operations and Etsy sellers to become licensed to sell Greek themed products. Let me know in the comments: will you apply for Greek Licensing – or are you already licensed?

Greek Licensing in Your Silhouette or Cricut Business by

8 thoughts on “Greek Licensing in Your Silhouette or Cricut Business”

  1. A million dollar insurance policy…I wonder how much that would cost? I really do wonder how many folks go through everything you listed, Christine! I know I won’t be selling anything with Greek lettering!
    What about those shops selling Greek fonts…is this allowed?

    1. Hi Donna! A million dollar insurance policy may be much lower than you expect it to be. Shops can sell Greek fonts, but nothing sorority or fraternity related unless licensed. Hope that helps! Christine

  2. Kimberly DeLaFuente

    Hi, not sure where you are located. Could you recommend an insurance company who covers small business for a reasonable rate?

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