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Get Licensed as a Silhouette Instructor

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I’ve heard complaints from many Silhouette small business owners when they write to me asking me how to deal with people approaching them for their Silhouette “secrets”. From sharing their suppliers to asking how to use the machine; it can be an uncomfortable situation. In a previous post, I talked about possible ways to handle these requests. One of the things I mentioned was to charge a fee for your time and skills. If you are interested in becoming a Silhouette instructor, I’ve got awesome news for you: Terri Johnson is now offering a Licensed Silhouette Instructor opportunity!

More about Silhouette Instructor Licensing

  • When: September 23-25th, 2016
  • Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Woodbridge, VA
  • What: 3 day licensing program with hands on training on the machine plus instruction on how to teach others. Additionally, you’ll learn the best type of venue for holding classes or events; how to set up your classroom; how to advertise and promote your events; resources for purchasing supplies, and how to turn your love of the Silhouette and your love of teaching into a profitable event business. (Oh, things like meeting new Silhouette loving friends and most meals are included, too!)

Why I love this program

  • Business in a Box: During the 3 day program, you will receive a complete kit of materials to complete 12 projects and learn how to teach them to others as well. You will also receive a CD with cut files, forms, class supply lists, and handouts for the classes. At the completion of this program, you can return home ready to immediately start teaching.
  • Continued support: Terri will provide continued support through a Facebook group where you can interact with her as well as other licensed instructors.
  • Referrals: Once you become licensed, Terri will share your contact information with people in your area that contact her looking for assistance.

How to register and specific details

  • Registration for this event is available here. Spaces are quite limited, so if you are interested – register now.

While you are waiting for the September retreat, be sure to check out my ideas on hosting workshops or hosting at home parties. Before you go, I can tell you that Terri has a few more tricks up her sleeve to be announced soon! Be sure to stay in touch with the Terri Johnson Creates Facebook page.

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Friday 6th of October 2017

I have emailed Terri Johnson to try and get more information on these events and haven't received a response yet. I was wondering though, are these conferences the only way to get certified? or are other instructors able to license you?

Also where do I sign up to get more info on the next conference dates?


Saturday 7th of October 2017

Hi Carly! Terri Johnson is an independent and these are her licensing classes. She is not affiliated with Silhouette America. You can find more information on about the next conference, it is usually released mid November. I know her hands are full with the upcoming conference in a few weeks and breast cancer treatments. Perhaps shoot her another email.

Laura Conyers

Thursday 27th of July 2017

Have you heard if she's hosting anymore of these events? I was hoping to sign up for the one in September, but haven't heard anything more about it. Did it get cancelled?


Thursday 27th of July 2017

Hello! You'd have to reach out to Terri Johnson Creates for more information on the next session. Thanks!

Holly Hansen

Thursday 6th of July 2017

Hi there! I am needing some assistance too. Do you know anyone that could help me in the DFW Texas area? Thx! Holly


Sunday 9th of July 2017

Hello! Here's a link - there is one in DFW area and several in Texas:

Lucrecia Santoyo

Saturday 14th of January 2017

omg S.O.S I need help too. the videos are not enough, or maybe im watchinf the wrong one, I need somebody to train me. im in maryland and ill be more than happy to drive around the DMV to learn. please recomend me somebody or if u have class let me know, i hope is soon, thank you


Monday 16th of January 2017

Im trying to get a list of instructors together.

Karen Heubeck

Monday 22nd of August 2016

I am not interested in becoming an instructor, I am struggling myself. However, I would happily pay someone to take a class. I live in Taneytown, MD, approximately 10 miles south of Gettysburg. I can commute to Frederick, MD; Hanover, PA; Western Baltimore County; Westminster, MD, and probably several other areas. Please let me know if you have someone in this area willing to teach. Thank you!


Wednesday 24th of August 2016

I'll keep an eye out for someone doing a live class for you Karen.