Free SVG ‘This Too Shall Pass’ Cut File

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2020 is certainly testing us all. Our perseverance, determination, patience, and much more. Just as things were looking up here in Florida with COVID-19, we’ve now taken a turn for the worse. As hopeless as I’ve been feeling lately, I have to remind myself that ‘this too shall pass’.

As I designed this SVG cut file the other day, I decided to put it here on the blog. I know in these times, I’m not the only one who needs a reminder that someday, ‘this too shall pass’.

Curious about the font I used? Find it here.

Of course, a commercial use license is included with the file. This means you can sell products made with the file – but you cannot sell the file.

Ready to download? First, save the image below to Pinterest. Then, grab the SVG freebie below.

Free 'This Too Shall Pass' SVG Cut File for Silhouette, Cricut, and Glowforge - by

2 thoughts on “Free SVG ‘This Too Shall Pass’ Cut File”

  1. Kathleen von Thaaden

    Great to hear from you Christine!!! Been a long time!!! Hope all is well. Yes, things have been crazy. Here in Texas we are about the same as you in Florida. Instead of getting better things are getting worse. We all just have to know that “this too shall pass” and someday we will be back to “normal”, whatever that may be.

    Stay Safe

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