Free Printable Car Decal Instructions for Your Silhouette or Cricut Business

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Do you make and sell car decals with your Silhouette Cameo? I’ve seen a few car decals locally that people haven’t taken off the transfer paper when they applied the decal. I began thinking and decided that maybe the buyer didn’t realize it is meant to be removed.

Today, I’m giving you an unbranded set of instructions to use when selling car decals made with your Silhouette or Cricut.

Why You Should Include a Vinyl Squeegee with Decal Orders

If you’ve ever applied a vinyl decal, you know that your customer will need a vinyl squeegee. You can purchase a 10 pack of vinyl applicators at this link to send to your customers.

Remember to add the cost of the vinyl applicator and the shipping to your costs when pricing your decals. Also, be sure to advertise that your decals include instructions and an applicator – it’ll help put your Silhouette or Cricut business one notch above your competition.

Need help packaging your decals? See how I do it in this post.

Ready to download the instructions? First, save this image to Pinterest. Then, download the instruction set below.

Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Small Business Owners: Free Printable Car Decal Application Instructions to Give Your Customers - by

26 thoughts on “Free Printable Car Decal Instructions for Your Silhouette or Cricut Business”

  1. I like your instructions, but I would add one more between 1 & 2 – I use masking tape to place my design on whatever I am going to transfer it to first, check alignment, make sure it is straight and then proceed to peel the backing tape off (folding back at the masking tape gives you access to the backing, remove the backing and it is still on the transfer tape), then you roll up or down depending on how you attached the design with the masking tape.

  2. This might seem like a stupid question, but I was wondering if you use the backing paper from the Oracal vinyl (or whatever brand it is) or do you actually transfer the decal to the transfer backing paper when sending it? I tend to group things tightly to save space so it is really hard to cut around the vinyl backing paper but if I cut the transfer tape to 1/4″ more than the design and then peel the vinyl off its backing and attach it to the transfer backing, it looks much neater. Does that, however, damage the “stickiness” or whatever it is called by moving the vinyl to a different backing? I hope that makes a little sense.

    1. Hi Sandi! First, no stupid question. I usually back off grouping so tightly so that I can leave the original vinyl backing on the decal. I don’t think it would hurt to move it to a transfer tape.

  3. I have been doing vinyl transfers onto cars and Motorcycles. leave the final on the original backing, then use the transfer tape on top. position the whole piece onto the what you are going use another piece of tape or something to position, lift it up, take off the original backing, then slowly, roll the decal down as you use your flat edge to press it to the window, or ?, then make sure it is pressed down all over, you then pull the transfer tape, back off, by pulling it across itself (pick up end, then move in the direction of the decal, and go towards the other end. careful to not pull up the decal. and you should be good.

  4. My husband is a semi truck driver and I was thinking that I could run a side business making decals for trucks. I know ZERO about these machines. Can I make my own designs? What type of vinyl is available for this type of heavy duty application? What is the largest size able to be made? Can they be made to have several different colors in the same design? Where can I go to get “Silhouette for Dummies”?

    1. Hello! That sounds like a great niche! Yes, you can make you own designs. Most adhesive vinyls will stand up to being applied onto a truck. The largest you can cut with a Silhouette Cameo is 12 inches by 10 feet, although larger designs can be cut in sections. Yes, you can have multiple color designs. There are plenty of YouTube videos, blogs, and Facebook user groups for help. I’d recommend a Silhouette Cameo 3 which you can view here. Thanks!

  5. I have recently tried to explore making car decals. When trying to apply these to my car I couldn’t get the vinyl to adhere to the window. I cleaned the window, let it dry completely, then placed the decal on the window and made sure to run my vinyl tool over it. However, when trying to peel the transfer tape back the decal wouldn’t stick. Do you know why that could be? Do I need to let the decal sit for a while? Should I look into different transfer tape(currently using the cricut transfer tape)?

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