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Free Printable 2018 Craft Business Planner

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Happy New Year! 2018 marks the 3rd year that I’ve been working with Silhouette and Cricut small business owners through Cutting for Business. One thing that I’ve noticed in these years is that many Silhouette and Cricut small business owners are not as organized as they should be.

I truly want 2018 to be your year. To help you get (and stay!) organized throughout the whole year I’m giving you a free printable 2018 business planner!

This planner includes:

  • 2018 yearly overview
  • Dates to remember
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly goal setting
  • Daily habit tracker
  • Monthly sales recording
  • Monthly expenses recording
  • Yearly category expense recording
  • Sales tax tracker
  • Yearly profit calculator
  • Inventory worksheet
  • Business wish list
  • Favorite supplier list
  • Username and password log
  • Newsletter tracker
  • Promotions planner
  • Monthly statistics tracking
  • Emergency planning

This free printable planner is available in a bold, bright color scheme or a muted, relaxing scheme.

Ready to download? First, save your favorite image below to Pinterest. Then, sign up to receive your new planner in your inbox below.

Free Printable Craft Business Planner for Silhouette Portrait, Cameo, Curio, Mint, Cricut Explore, or Maker crafters -

Free Printable Craft Business Planner for Silhouette Portrait, Cameo, Curio, Mint, Cricut Explore, or Maker crafters -

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Friday 10th of June 2022


Christine, Cutting for Business

Friday 24th of June 2022

Hi Brooke!

Jennifer tate

Friday 14th of June 2019

Will you be making a new planner for this year or the following year I am very new to the cricut business world and have seen so many people say this is a life saver I could use all the help I can get I have been reading a lot of your blogs and I’m learning so much thank you for everything

Christine, Cutting for Business

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

No, I'm sorry. With my husband's cancer diagnosis, this got moved to the back burner. Maybe next year!


Saturday 15th of December 2018

are you planning on providing a new printable one for 2019?


Saturday 15th of December 2018

Hello! No, after taking the majority of this year off to care for my husband with cancer - there has been no time to update a 2019 planner.

Ikeshia Moore

Wednesday 18th of April 2018

This is great! Thank you for making this planner. I have just printed it into a booklet and I can't wait to get started on it. You have gained a new subscriber and I am looking forward to learning more from you. Thanks again!


Saturday 5th of May 2018

Glad you found it helpful!


Monday 1st of January 2018

I have saved to Pinterest 3 times and rejoined the blog and/or mailing list. I still can not download the 2018 planner. Please Help!


Monday 1st of January 2018

Hi Nancy, there's nothing to download on this page. Check your email.