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Free Printable Download: Habit Tracker

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New year, new habits! I’ve spent the last several weeks working one-on-one with a small group of women with existing craft businesses. All of these businesses were making a handful of sales, however, these businesses could have been doing better.

One thing that I noticed while working with this small group of women was that none of them were being consistent. A few examples I saw of inconsistency:

  • Not posting regularly to social media.
  • Not dedicating time to keep their business running each week. Instead, working when they ‘had time’.
  • Not posting holiday products in a timely fashion.
  • Not answering customer questions in a reasonable time frame.
  • Not keeping up with accounting.

In small business, consistency is a must. For example, if you don’t regularly post to your social media channels, the algorithms notice and will change. Often, your content will be seen less. As another example, if you don’t keep up with accounting, you won’t know how much your business is (or isn’t!) making.

One of the things I did with these ladies is encourage them to use a habit tracker. This easy to use chart serves as a gentle reminder to do things regularly.

Sample Habit Trackers

Free, printable habit tracker from Cutting for Business -

Hang The Habit Tracker Somewhere You’ll See It Multiple Times a Day

I’ll be honest with you: The only way that a habit tracker is going to help you in your business is for you to hang it somewhere you will see it multiple times. I suggest your studio door, your refrigerator, or the bathroom mirror.

Free Printable Habit Tracker

Today, I’m sharing a free, printable habit tracker.

To use it, add the habits/tasks you need to get better with in your business. Then, color in a square for each date that you complete the task. If a task is not applicable to a certain day, put an X in the box.

Pin the image below on Pinterest, then download the Habit Tracker below.

Free Download: Habit Tracker for Craft Business Owners - by