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Free Download: Editable Photo Consent & FAQ

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There’s so much more to running a business with your Silhouette or Cricut than making a few products and sticking them up for sale. Today, we are going to quickly look at photo consent forms.

What is a Photo Consent or Photo Release?

A photo consent or release is simply a document that gives permission to you or your small business to use images of a person or property that you’ve taken.

When Do You Need a Photo Consent or Photo Release?

You’ll want to have a signed photo consent or release on file anytime you are taking pictures of a person or their property to use for online sales, social media, advertising, or on your website. Basically, if you plan to sell a product that includes a person or their property in the photos – you’ll want a release. A few exceptions: if you are photographing the general public, you don’t need a release. For example, you are taking photos of a busy market with hundreds of people in your shot. You do not need to get signed release from each person. Another time when you don’t need a photography release is if the photos are newsworthy. Although this doesn’t apply to most Silhouette or Cricut sellers, if you were taking photos and selling to a newspaper or news source you would not need a release.

What About Photographing Children?

If you are photographing children under the age of 18 (in the USA) a parent or guardian will need to sign the photo consent.

Today, I’m sharing an editable version of a simple photo consent. Ready to download? First, save this post to Pinterest. Then, download the form below.

Free Download: Editable Photo Consent & FAQ - Great for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Crafters - by