Free Download: Customizable Earring & Necklace Card Templates

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Yesterday I shared an awesome pendant tutorial on the blog, and got to thinking – I know many sellers create earrings and other jewelry using their Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Explore. A great way to display earrings and necklaces for sale are on cards. I designed a few earring and necklace card templates that you can use in your small business.

Instructions to Use the Earring & Necklace Card Templates

I’ve set the files up as Silhouette Studio Print and Cut Designs. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Download the files here and here.
  2. Open them in Silhouette Studio.
  3. Add details like your business name or website address to the blank templates.
  4. Optional: Add additional graphics in the background if desired.
  5. Print and cut them on your favorite cardstock and mount your jewelry on them.

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Free Download: Customizable Earring & Necklace Card Templates for Silhouette Cameo, Curio, or Portrait - by

24 thoughts on “Free Download: Customizable Earring & Necklace Card Templates”

  1. Hi Christine, These cards are really cute and will add a pleasing background for beautiful jewelry. Thank you for sharing!
    Quick question….you liked a couple of Spellbinder dies. How do you like their machines? I listened to a video using a non-Spellbinder, lesser priced machine and it sounded like it was crunching bones the whole time. I know they all make noise, but this video gave me chills. I noticed one review was from a person with arthritis and they said that it was a wonderful machine for them. Thank you in advance!

  2. Thank you so much for these files. I volunteer for a service that dresses women returning to the work and don’t have the money to afford new business type clothes. This set is is completely free to the clients and the service runs on volunteers and donations. We also supply jewellery and these cards will make their presentation very professional look.

  3. Can these be used in Cricut as well? I’m having trouble downloading it only says dropbox or find a file on my apple computer. Sorry if this is a dumb question….newbie here 🙁

  4. Is there anyway you could please post the template in a different format? I have a Brother ScanNCut, hence I don’t use the Silhouette Program.

    You have an AMAZING site BTW!

    Thank you!

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