Free SVG Bloom Flowers Gardening Cut File

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Are plants starting to bloom at your house? They are at mine! To help celebrate the arrival of Spring, Olga from CleanCutCreative is back to share another (amazing!) cut file that was inspired by my Spring Sayings for Crafters list! Before you download the Bloom SVG, here’s a look at some of my other favorite things blooming in her Etsy shop right now:

Bridal SVG set – perfect for wedding season! Click here to view.

Free Bloom SVG for Silhouette or Cricut by CleanCutCreative on Etsy for

Gorgeous mermaid themed SVG – click here to view.

Free Bloom SVG for Silhouette or Cricut by CleanCutCreative on Etsy for

Adorable sloth running team SVG – click here to view.

Free Bloom SVG for Silhouette or Cricut by CleanCutCreative on Etsy for

Now, pin the image below and then download the Bloom freebie.

Free SVG 'Bloom' - Flowers - Gardening - Silhouette and Cricut - Portrait, Cameo, Curio, Mint, Explore, Maker, Joy -

14 thoughts on “Free SVG Bloom Flowers Gardening Cut File”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful cut file Christine. You do lovely work.

    In answer to your question above, yes, the flowers did start to bloom here (far northern IL), a little earlier than usual because of the unseasonable warm spell we had. Then it got cold…and windy…and snowed. That was it for all my spring bulbs. I had one patch of snowdrops and two of mini irises that flowered. The rest aborted. Guess I’ll just have to make my own spring flowers this year. I think I’ll start with your cut file. 🙂

    Thanks again.

  2. I knew you were from my part of the world, but not the specific city. I’m originally from Chicago. Thanks for the good thoughts for my flowers. I’m not seeing any late budding on plants that weren’t hit yet, but with this weird weather, who knows?

    Hope you have a super weekend!!

  3. Thank you, Christine – I absolutely love your work! I hope to be able to get back into your blogs and resources soon – always, always something to learn 🙂 – BTW, I live in Tennessee and if you want to see some “funky” weather, come visit!! Haha It’s nothing to see a 40 degree or more fluctuation in one day!

  4. Thank you so much where I am (Wirral England) today is a beautiful sunny day.. and Its so nice to see Ive got Flowers coming on a tree I have and Buds pushing through… Makes you Glad to be alive.. Thank you for this file.. it sums up How I feel today Thank you xx

  5. Tulips are starting to pop up despite our snow storm this week. Love them. Can’t wait to see them in full bloom. Thanks for the svg, Christine. It’s lovely and
    makes me smile.

  6. Hi Christine! Just saw the above and have to tell you that I also grew up in Illinois (Itasca), lived in Elgin for awhile and now live in Florida (Orlando area), so I had to share. 🙂

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