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Destashing Your Excess Supplies in your Silhouette Cameo Business

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I’ve spent the last week purging my home and craft space of items my family doesn’t use and craft supplies that I haven’t used in a long time. To maximize the amount of space in your work area or studio, I recommend regular purging of your craft supplies. Plus, I think it is so much easier to work in a clutter free area. It can be so difficult to go through your supplies, so I create three piles – KEEP, THINK ABOUT, and PURGE. As I am going through items, I reorganize the supplies I plan to keep, take note of what I have, and make a list of things I am interested in buying. Once you have your PURGE pile ready, you can either sell them or donate them. (Quick tip: You know all those scraps of vinyl and paper that you’ve been saving because you can’t bear to get rid of them? Don’t forget that you can sell them, too!)

5 Ways to Destash Your Silhouette or Cricut Supplies

1) Sell them on Etsy. Be sure to list your supplies in the “Supplies” category. Don’t forget to also tag your items with “destash”, or “clearance”. (Coincidentally, if you are looking for some bargains on Etsy, just type in “destash” – and you’ll be amazed at all the goodies you’ll find. Please don’t call me an enabler!)

2) Sell them through Facebook Groups. If you like using Facebook Groups, consider joining a destash group. There are several Silhouette and Cricut groups created just for this purpose. (Everything Silhouette Destash, Silhouette Cameo Destash, Silhouette Cameo Craft Destash USA, Destash Canada and Silhouette Cameo and Cricut, and Discuss and Destash Silhouette, Cricut, Paper, and Vinyl.)

3) Yerdle them. Haven’t heard of It’s an online marketplace for “stuff”. You list an item on the website or through the mobile app, and sell items for Yerdle dollars. The buyer pays shipping and you print and attach a prepaid UPS label to the box and drop it off. You can use any Yerdle dollars you’ve earned to purchase something else. has become my go-to for miscellaneous items that don’t have much resale value because it is quick to list – about 30 seconds per item. Specialized supplies like vinyl might not do well, but blanks or general craft supplies sell quick! By clicking the links to Yerdle and signing up – you’ll earn 10 Yerdle dollars and so will I. Now out of business.

4) Donate them to a local school, or a thrift store. Or, if you live near a Creative Reuse Center, I’m sure that they would love to have the supplies! If you aren’t familiar with Creative Reuse Centers, check them out at this link. Be sure to scroll down the page to see additional/similar locations and organizations.

5) Host a crafty party. Invite your craftiest friends over and make a night of using the supplies. If you have particularly crafty friends, invite them over with their unwanted supplies and hold a swap night. Everyone gets rid of their excess supplies, and get a few new ones in return – a win-win for everyone!

Remember that if you bought the supplies for business use, you should record any sales of the craft supplies in your accounting program and count them towards your sales (my preferred accounting program is Craftybase). After I purge my supplies and reorganize my stuff, I leave a few baskets empty and give myself permission to buy a few supplies that I have been wanting.

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