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Places to Destash Your Extra Craft Supplies

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In anticipation of my DreamBox (use coupon code CUTTINGFORBUSINESS to save $100 on a DreamBox) being delivered this week, I’ve been starting to go through some of my extra craft supplies.

I’m finding it difficult to let go of some of the supplies I’ve purchased, so I’m organized stuff into three large piles: KEEP, THINK ABOUT, AND SELL/DONATE.

The KEEP pile will obviously be loaded into my DreamBox and the cabinet in my craft room. The THINK ABOUT pile contains mostly things I haven’t used yet (or in a long time), but I’m not ready to part with them. I plan to load those last into my DreamBox – depending on the available space. And, the SELL/DONATE pile is headed out of my house!

Places to Destash Your Extra Craft Supplies - Great for Silhouette and Cricut Crafters - by

Places to Destash Your Extra Craft Supplies

Sell Online

Sell Locally

  • Facebook Marketplace
    • In my local area, Facebook Marketplace is the best way to sell to surrounding areas.
  • Apps like 5Miles, OfferUp, and LetGo.
  • Host a garage or yard sale.

There are so many organizations that could benefit from your old craft supplies:

  • Schools
  • Charity thrift stores
  • Churches
  • Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troops
  • Nursing homes
  • Creative Reuse Centers

Host a Craft Party or Swap Night

Invite your craftiest friends over and make a night of using the supplies. If you have particularly crafty friends, invite them over with their unwanted supplies and hold a swap night. Everyone gets rid of their excess supplies, and get a few new ones in return – a win-win for everyone!

Tip: If you bought the supplies for business use, you should record any sales of the craft supplies in your accounting program and count them towards your sales.