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CPSIA Exemptions, Labeling, and CPCs for Crafters

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Let’s continue on our talks about CPSIA exemptions, labeling, and Children’s Product Certificates (CPCs) from yesterday. If you haven’t read this post yet, you’ll need to read it or nothing in today’s post will make sense.

Again, my legal team would like me to remind everyone that I’m not an attorney and not giving out legal advice. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the CPSC and the CPSIA. This post should serve as awareness and offer a place and reason for you to start or continue your own research.

CPSIA Exemptions

I detailed the CPSIA Small Batch Manufacturing exemptions in yesterday’s post. If you are exempt from lab testing under the exemptions, you’ll need to register for the exemption at this link on the CPSC website.

Creating Children’s Product Certificates (CPCs) for CPSIA

Children’s Product Certificates (or CPCs) are documents that you create for each of your children’s products. They basically state that your product complies with children’s product safety rules.

CPCs must:

  • Be written.
  • Be in English.
  • Describe your product so that it can be identified.
  • Cite each Children’s Product Safety Rule the pertains to your product.
  • Contact information for the manufacturer (that’s you).
  • Date and place you manufactured the product.
  • Date and place that applicable testing occurred.
  • Identify any third party labs used in testing the product in the CPC. For small batch manufacturers, include your registration number instead.

See sample CPCs from the CPSC at this link.

Children’s Product Tracking Label Requirements Under CPSIA

Children’s products must be permanently labeled with the following information:

  • Manufacturer name (that’s you).
  • Where and when the product was manufactured.
  • A batch number, run number, or other identifying information for determining the source of manufacturing. Now, for an at home crafter – the CPSC notes that you don’t need a new system with batch or run numbers. You just need enough information on your product that a customer would know who made it and how to reach you – even years down the road.

Get more help from the CPSC at this link.

Where to Get More Help

The CPSC Regulatory Robot

The CPSC has a great tool for small business owners called the Regulatory Robot. It asks you a series of questions about your product and gives you a guide to walk through to get compliant. Access it at this link.

The CPSC Official Links

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