Where to Buy Tee Shirts for Silhouette or Cricut Crafting

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The absolute most often asked question that I receive is, “Christine, where is the best place to buy (name of item)?” I cover great places to buy items to embellish and use in your Silhouette Cameo or Cricut small business in supplier spotlights. (See more of these at this link.) Today, we are looking at where to buy tee shirts. I asked my savvy small business owners in The Insider’s Club their favorite places to shop for tee shirts to create this list – and added a few of my own.

Where to Buy Tee Shirts for Crafting

List includes notes about suppliers.

  • Jiffy Shirtsjiffyshirts.com – No tax ID needed, orders over $59 ship free. Warehouses in 10 states.
  • Sanmarsanmar.com – Tax ID needed to order. Warehouses in 8 states.
  • Blank Shirtsblankshirts.com – Retail and wholesale accounts available. Warehouses in 7 states.
  • SS Activewearssactivewear.com – Tax ID needed. Free shipping on orders over $200. Warehouses in Illinois, Kansas, California, and New Jersey.
  • Sassy Apparel Blankssassyapparelblanks.com – No tax ID needed. Ships from New York area.
  • Shirt Champsshirtchamps.com – No tax ID needed. Warehouses in 9 states.
  • One Stop Inconestopinc.com – Tax ID needed to order. Shipping site varies depending on style purchased. Refer to shipping maps on website.
  • Mission Imprintablesmissionimprintables.com – Tax ID needed to order. Warehouse in California.
  • Kaviokavio.com – Tax ID needed to order from wholesale area. Warehouse in California.
  • American Apparelamericanapparel.com – Need tax ID to order, orders over $50 ship free. Warehouse located in California.
  • Soffesoffebusiness.com – Retail and wholesale accounts available, orders over $60 ship free. Warehouse located in North Carolina.
  • TSC Appareltscapparel.com – Tax ID needed to order. Warehouses located in Colorado, Ohio, California, Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey.
  • Boxercraft – boxercraft.com – Tax ID needed to order. Warehouse located in Georgia.
  • Shirts In Bulkshirtsinbulk.com – No tax ID needed, $ 50.00 free shipping, and flat rate shipping of $4.95 if the order is less than $50.00.
  • Alpha Broderalphabroder.com – Tax ID needed, multiple warehouses.

How to Decide Which Supplier is Best for Your Business?

Here is a step-by-step list to decide which supplier is right for you:

  1. Browse the websites above and eliminate the ones that don’t have the style of shirt that you are looking for.
  2. Research online reviews for your chosen suppliers.
  3. View the shipping times and warehouse locations. To save on shipping and get your products faster, pick a supplier near your location. (This is great when you run out of something and need it quickly!)
  4. Look at return policies and support materials for sellers available on the supplier’s website.
  5. Contact the supplier and ask any questions you may have before placing an order. Pay attention to how quickly and thoroughly your questions are answered.

Did I leave off your favorite supplier? Leave it in the comments and I will add it.

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64 thoughts on “Where to Buy Tee Shirts for Silhouette or Cricut Crafting”

    1. Every time I’ve tried to make an order with them, it always shows that shipping is going to to be crazy expensive – like $30 for a single item. Is there any situation where shipping is reasonable? Ordering a certain number of items, or anything like that? I know multiple people who use them, but I can’t figure out a situation where it would be reasonable!

      1. At Alphabroder you can place your order with FlexExpress shipping. $4.99 no matter the quantity. It ships to any FedEx Office location. Pretty good deal!

  1. Great post. Good information. Thank you.

    We have used,


    $ 50.00 free shipping, no Tax ID needed, and flat rate shipping of $ 4.95 if the order is less than $ 50.00

    We just tried this company for pet and animal clothing, the order is on the way, I will email you about the order after we see it.


    $ 49.00 free shipping, no Tax ID needed.

    The pet clothing niche market looks interesting.

    Again, thank you for this very informative post.

  2. I also recommend adding (removed self promoting link on my blog) to the list. Most of the same products as above with similar pricing, but there is free shipping on every order which saves a few bucks

  3. Christine which of these sites have a good quality.. I want a quality t-shirt like you find in JCrew.. I have their t-shirts for years and there is no piling etc. I have Guilan shirts and find that a lot. After a while the shirt is just dull and lifeless just not good when you are making and selling.

    1. Donna, For specific brands, I like American Apparel and Alstyle (both are widely available), but pricier. Don’t forget that as a business buyer, you are welcome to ask for product samples to find what you like best. Most companies/manufacturers will readily provide samples.

  4. Does anyone know how to get custom labels made for t-shirts? I would like to have my business name on the tags/label of t-shirts that I personalize.

  5. I use mccrearystees.com in Phoenix, Az. If you are in state, shipping is free for over $150. The prices are usually slightly less than ssactivewear, but they don’t have as much inventory. You do need to have a reseller license.

      1. Is it just me, or do the Bella + Canvas shirts pile pretty bad. I have never used them for business, but I have bought 3 shirts (one from a concert, one from a church camp and one from a craft show) and all three piled within months. ;(

  6. Shirtmax.com also has a great variety and several warehouses. They are very similar to jiffy shirts and most of the time have slightly cheaper prices for the same items.

  7. This was just what I needed! Super Helpful! You are quickly becoming my favorite blogger. I like the straightforward writing without cutesy blog talk on top of the information. I come here most of the time via Pinterest, but I also specifically visit to try to catch up. There aren’t many blogs that I read entirely, but I’ve also run businesses,
    and the advice you give rings true, so I’m trying to start at the beginning. BTW – even if I don’t look at another place on the list, I have found a suitable supplier. Yay!!

    1. Thanks, Gael, for your kind words! I figure people come to this blog for information, so straightforward is best. (Plus, who wants to hear me ramble about my kids all day?!) Most importantly, I’m glad you found a supplier to meet your needs!

  8. This was an incredibly useful list. In fact, I went to the first website, ordered yesterday, and will receive delivery today. Turns out the warehouse here in PA is an hour away from me. Thanks so much!

  9. Hello, I was wondering where I can buy all kinds of mugs, wine glasses, insulated mugs, for putting designs on? I have looked every where and can find vendors. Please advise.
    Thank you

  10. Thank you for all the great information you provide. I own a winery in North Dakota (yes, there are wineries in North Dakota!) and would like to design and print small runs of shirts to sell in our tasting room. In order to keep the cost reasonable, I feel I need to purchase the blanks at wholesale prices. Of course we have all the required licenses to purchase wholesale, but I have had several t-shirt suppliers deny me a wholesale account because we are not a designated printer or embroiderer. Do you have any advice? Thank you!

    1. I’d call the tee shirt distributor and explain the situation. You are a business owner looking to make and produce business goods. Perhaps they aren’t understanding – particularly if you are just listing your winery as the business on an online order form.

  11. Do you happen to know of a supplier that has a wide variety of options for Big and tall Men and Plus size and tall women? I am finding more and more women’s shirts and very short and the men’s sizes tend to be small. I have a group that really needs the extended sizes and I find the selection is awful. Thanks for any advice!

    1. Hi Kim! You won’t find as many shirts that come in the extended sizes, however Sanmar has several up to 3x. Blankshirts carries a small selection up to 6x and others that go to 4x. Hope that helps!

  12. Hi there? Do you have a seperate post about brands and the pros and cons of each? I’m a brand-spankin’ new crafter and could use some guidance in what brands to order.

    Thanks a million! <3


    Thank you so much for this! I ordered from Jiffyshirts.com yesterday and they are slated to be delivered tomorrow. Super quick and priced well. Thanks again!

  14. would these places be good with bay and kids items as well? I can find gerber and carters on amazon but really would like something else that i can buy in bulk. Baby hats ,kids dresses ,tshirts,baby gowns etc. And also a good place to buy pet supplies to vinyl like shirts,leashes,bowls,etc.Got any good ideas?Also a place that doesnt require a business license.Or do i need one of those?

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