Where to Buy Sublimation Printers, Supplies, and Blanks

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I’ve had such a great time talking sublimation on the blog this week. If you missed anything, find it all in this Sublimation Roundup for Silhouette and Cricut crafters.

Recommended Sublimation Supplier

I buy most of my sublimation supplies through Heat Press Nation. Not only do I appreciate their fast shipping and great customer service – I have actually had the opportunity to meet them in person several times. Here’s some of the team:

Heat Press Nation - Where to Buy Sublimation Printers, Supplies, and Blanks - by cuttingforbusiness.com

Sublimation Shopping List

Sublimation printer and ink
Sublimation transfer paper
Sublimation blanks
Heat press and/or mug press or mug wraps
Heat resistant tape
Heat resistant gloves (if you will be working with ceramics)

Sublimation for Cheap

I entirely understand if you can’t afford $700+ for a sublimation printer. If you’d like to try out sublimation, but it isn’t in your budget, you can purchase an Epson printer and change out the ink. Here’s a list of what exactly you would need:

Epson C88+ (Around $160)
Sublimation Ink (Around $30)
Empty Ink Cartridges (Around $48)
Industrial Syringes for filling cartridges (Around $4)

One important thing to remember if you purchase the Epson C88 is that the ink may clog if you don’t regularly use the printer.

If you do sublimation, share something you’ve made in the comments to inspire others!

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Where to Buy Sublimation Printers, Supplies, and Blanks - Great for Silhouette Cameo and Cricut crafters - by cuttingforbusiness.com

61 thoughts on “Where to Buy Sublimation Printers, Supplies, and Blanks”

  1. In your previous posts, I wondered how you got your black to press true black, but seeing now that you are using a Sawgrass printer explains a lot! Sawgrass is considered to be the ultimate in sublimation printing.
    However, the inks for the Sawgrass printers are very expensive, while the sublijet ink most sublimators with Epson printers (btw, the WF series printers are awesome for sublimation) are more affordable. The solution is that users will need to download and install an ICC profile, usually available from their ink supplier.

  2. Christine,

    Does any heat press work, or are there specific heat presses for sublimation? I already own a heat press. Also, do you have another link for a mug press? That one doesn’t bring one up.

    Thanks for the great information!


    1. Hi Dawn! Any heat press will work for sublimation. I do not have a specific recommendation for a mug press. As I’ve mentioned, you’ll need to first decide what size mugs you’ll be making, then purchase a press that accommodates that sized mug. 🙂

  3. Would the Epson WorkForce WF-7610 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer with Scanner and Copier work. I am starting my own business with t-shirts and other items. Thank you!

    1. Hi Melissa! I believe that printer will work if you buy a conversion kit to switch it over to sublimation inks. However, you can’t change the inks back and forth, so once you go to sublimation – you’ll want to stick with it.

      1. Thank you Christine, I have so many questions for you, would this be the best place to ask or through an email address? Thank you!

          1. Awesome! I am starting to do more with my cricut and I want to do more t-shirts, My hubby purchased a heat press for me wahoo! My questions are do we need to print with the sublimation ink printers? What other software to good to use with t-shirt designs? Where and what is the best heat transfer to purchase for this type of business? I am so sorry all these ?’s. I love your blog thank you!

          2. Congrats on the new heat press! Sublimation is different than using your Cricut. It’s just a way to print and press designs onto apparel or hard goods without using vinyl (or your Cricut). If you are wanting to do sublimation, then you’ll need a sublimation set up. You can also purchase heat transfer vinyl to cut, weed, and apply. I like Heat Transfer Vinyl 4 U, or Happy Crafters for vinyl. Most people with a Cricut use Design Space. Hope that helps! Christine

          3. One more ? so sorry, if someone custom makes a design not in cricut and wants me to heat press where or what would the steps be to print this image and best material to use to print if I did print from home? Would this be something my cricut would be able to print then cut or would this be something to send out to have printed and then I heat press? Everything is so new and I am still learning. So sorry for all the questions.

          4. Hi Melissa, You could create a design in Cricut Design Space and then you could print it to heat transfer paper using a home printer and have the Cricut cut it out through the Print then Cut feature. Alternatively, you could cut the design in vinyl using the Cricut then apply it with a heat press.

  4. Hi Christine,

    I’m so thankful for your posts about sublimation. I’ve been checking out Coastal Business per your suggestion and I’m trying to figure out which printer is best. I’m looking at the virtuoso printers and wondering which one of the two models to buy. If I’m just a small business do you think the 400 is sufficient for all sizes of shirt designs or would it be better to invest more money and get the 800 model? I’m happy to get the 400 (since its cheaper) I just don’t want to invest the money in that model only to find out later that the 800 model would’ve been better. I appreciate any of your input! Thank you-Lisa

  5. Lisa Neumann
    Not sure if you purchased yet, the differences in each machine for printing size, the 400 can print 8.5×11 or longer pieces, they sell rolls and can actually print to 21″ the 800 can print 11×17 or if you add the bypass tray will do 13×19 these machines will take rolls of paper too, but it does not matter how long if your heat press can not do a press that large. I have a 16×20 press and own a Ricoh 7100 with bypass tray, some days I wish for bigger but my press would need to be larger too.

  6. Hi! New to sublimation printing. I understand the use of sublimation blanks on most products however I have yet to find a clear answer on shirts. Do I have to buy sublimation shirts or can I use any type of light colored shirt? Certain materials or anything?
    Thanks so much!

  7. Which sublimation paper are you using from Coastal Business Supplies? I did a chat with them and they just told me you cannot do sublimation on cotton or canvas? They stated only hard surfaces like mugs. Can you post a link of the sublimation paper that you are using? Thanks so much.

  8. Im a Silhouette Cameo user and have an Etsy business just expanded to add a heat press and now looking for a Sublimation Printer but all are soo expensive…is there any descent ones for a new business that are under $500 or is that just not possible? How much and how long to these sub inks last?


  9. Can you tell me, witch software its easy to use to do mugs? It is possible with canva? need something that will be easy to learn
    Sorry my english is bad im a french girl but your tuto is so clear that i think i will try mugs sublimation if a easy software is existing 🙂

  10. Hi Christine, we are very new to this and are on a limited budget. Our goal is to put our designs out on coffee mugs in order to sell them and give back to local charities. We know what materials (equipment) we need, but still want good quality, any suggestions on where to find all of this online? Thank you! Valérie

  11. Hello just came across your blog.. It is really helpful info so wanted to thank you for that. My question is I am currently using heat transfer vinyl with my silhouette cameo wanted to get into sublimation printing but brfore investing would like to know what the difference is in printing on heat transfer paper with my canon inkjet printer or getting a printer compatible with the sublimation ink? Can you help?

      1. Let me clarify my question. I wanted to know what the difference is with using the sublimation method rather than transfer inkjet printing transfer paper with a regular canon photo printer.

        1. They are two separate processes of transferring ink. You have more flexibility with sublimation and aren’t limited to apparel. You can also sublimate hard goods (cups, metal prints, magnets, and the list goes on…) Hope that answers your question.

  12. Hi Christine!
    Just found your blog! What great info you have!! I’m looking for heat press that can be used for sublimating melamine plates and trays. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

  13. Hi! I’m new to learning about sublimination. I have a client who has very thin letters in her logo and the 651 peels very easily. Can sublimination be used on stainless steel tumblers? That’s all she orders. Thanks!

  14. Hi! Great info! Do you happen to know the cost analysis for sublimation? Like an average of how much it would cost per shirt/mug?

  15. Christine
    I just reviewed all the info on sublimation. I have a question…how large can you print on the printer. I other words can you do a design that is 12″×24″ or are you confined by a 8.5×11 size? If you are limited, how would you go about doing a larger size? Thanks!

  16. I would like to try this sublimation for cheap 🙂 at least to see how i like it before i spend the 700+ dollars. however, i have a question what would you consider “regular” use to avoid the clogging issue with the epson?

  17. The links for the empty ink cartridges and sublimation ink lead to “sorry we could not find that page” messages. Could you please let us know what specific products the links are for so that maybe we could find them elsewhere?

    Thanks for your help!! 🙂

  18. Hi there. I just read your articles and found them soooo helpful! Thank you so much for all the information. My husband and I are just starting with the heat press part of the vinyl crafting. I do have a question: for the Epson printer, you indicate a person needs to buy an empty ink cartridge and syringe. What are these for? Thank you again!!

    1. If you are converting a C88 Epson, you remove the old ink cartridges and replace them with ones that can hold sublimation ink. The syringe you would need to physically fill the cartridge.

  19. Hi! I was wondering if you have heard of or used SubliFlex 202? They say it can be transferred to 100% cotton and on dark colors. I was also wondering if I could use my Cricut to cut the design out like you do with your Silhouette or if Cricuts can only be used for print and cut type projects.


  20. Hello, I’ve tried to heat press an image on transfer paper to a metal plates as well. But my results didn’t come out as expected. it seems like the paper is also sticking on the metal, the surface is rough, didn’t have that shiny glossy look at the end. my charm looks bad would you know any solutions to that?

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