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Where to Buy Blank Maternity Shirts for Crafting

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Yikes, Cutting for Business readers! I had to make a few maternity shirts lately, and let me say that blank maternity shirts were not easy to find! Today, I’m sharing a list of sites I found the carry blank maternity shirts – perfect for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut crafting.

Where to Find Maternity Shirts for Crafting

  • Monag – As I mentioned in a previous post, Monag carries lots of infant blanks and maternity shirts as well. Short sleeve shirts were around $5 each, while long sleeve were around $4 each (currently on sale). Discounts are available on bulk purchases. Of the sites listed, Monag had the largest style and color selection; colors included black, white, grey, navy, pink, green, brown, and red.
  • CTS Maternity – Offers black or white short sleeve and black long sleeve blank shirts. Short sleeve are $8.50, long sleeve are $10. No need for tax ID to order.
  • Preggers and Proud Maternity Blanks – Offers black and white tanks, short sleeve, and long sleeve shirts. Tanks and shorts sleeve are $8.75 each, long sleeve are $9.95 each. No need for tax ID to order.
  • LAT Apparel – Offers short sleeve maternity shirts in pink, bright pink, black, or white. I didn’t register for LAT Apparel to see prices because I was looking for long sleeve.
  • Local retail – I’m guessing that unless you need maternity shirts in bulk, you should be able to find them locally (Old Navy, Target, Walmart) for competitive prices.

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Where to Buy Blank Maternity Shirts for Crafting - Perfect for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Crafters - by


Saturday 27th of January 2018

These maternity shirts are so cute! There are so many more options. I'll definitely try out some of these! Thanks.


Monday 29th of January 2018

Happy to help!

John in Philly

Thursday 13th of October 2016

Great post! We were doing a couple of small jobs and found maternity tops were a little had to find. And you have to read labels, a lot of maternity wear has spandex in the blend and we had to match the vinyl's stretch to the material. (maternity wear and the need for stretchyness, who would have figured!)


Sunday 16th of October 2016

Awesome! Thanks for stopping in, John!


Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Thank you for this post. I am always looking for places to buy shirts. onsies & etc...


Sunday 16th of October 2016

My pleasure!