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5 Business Card Tips + Where to Order Business Cards for Your Craft Business

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I had an interesting conversation recently with a Silhouette business owner. She detailed to me how she spent hours printing and cutting her own business cards using her Silhouette Cameo 3 every week. She was looking for advice on being able to speed up the process so she could take care of others things in her business. My exact comment to her was: “Stop making your own business cards and just order them.”

There’s a few things I want to share with you:

  1. Unfortunately, most business cards ultimately end up in the trash. This is especially true at craft shows and fairs when buyers walk around and pick up cards here and there.
  2. Your time can be better spent doing creating, designing, marketing, packaging, and shipping in your business – rather than making business cards.

5 Best Practices for Business Cards in Your Craft Business

  1. Make your cards unique. I just shared with you that most business cards end up in the trash. Make yours stand out and keep it out of the trash.
  2. Consider an upgrade. Most sites offer upgrades. From types of paper, to colored edges, and different shapes, upgrades can make your cards stand out from the rest.
  3. Include relevant information. Include the important details (Business name, what you do, how to contact you) – but don’t include everything. No need to list every social media profile you own, your fax number (because who uses faxing anymore?), event schedule, and so on.
  4. Have a few different versions. I often design business cards for the occasion. For example, if you will be selling at a senior center – there’s really no reason to include your Instagram account. The demographic of Instagram and the senior center don’t mesh well. Instead, consider printing your text slightly larger than you normally do for ease of use for the customer base.
  5. Put pictures of your products right on your card. It might be a small space, but you’ve both sides. This reminds me of that blog post about product based business cards

The best tip of all? You can’t promote yourself through business cards if you don’t carry them with you. Have a small stack of business cards on you at all times.

Recommended Places to Order Business Cards

  • Vistaprint – Cost effective and widely used by all types of businesses. But, buyer beware! Complete the checkout process carefully because they try to sell you all kinds of other things.
  • Moo – This is where I get my business cards. My favorite thing about Moo? You can print multiple business card images in each box.

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5 Business Card Tips + Where to Order Business Cards for Your Silhouette Portrait or Cameo and Cricut Explore or Maker Craft Business - by


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