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Bounce Back Offers in Your Silhouette or Cricut Business

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Ever heard the saying that the cheapest customer to get is a repeat customer? It’s an old saying – and it is entirely true. Today, we are looking at bounce back offers, an easy way to get a repeat customer in your Silhouette or Cricut small business. And one that is used a lot in the corporate world – but not as much in the small business world.

What is a Bounce Back Offer?

A bounce back offer is a discount given to customers who place an order in your Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Explore small business. It differs from other sales or promotions, because the customer must purchase something to receive the offer.

What is the Goal of a Bounce Back Offer?

The goal of a bounce back offer is to get your current customer to place another order in the future by giving them a discount.

How Do You Give a Customer a Bounce Back Offer?

There are a number of ways to offer a bounce back coupon to your customer:

  • For in person sales (craft shows or fairs): Simply put a card with a discount code in the customer’s bag during checkout.
  • For online sales (your website or other marketplace): Email your customer a coupon code immediately after placing their order online. If you are selling on Etsy, go to “Promote”, “Coupon Codes”, then select the “Thank You Coupon” option.

That’s it – a simple way to turn a customer into a repeat customer. Thinking of adding a customer loyalty program to your business? Head to this post for an easy to implement one.

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