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8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters

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Have a generous Santa this year asking what you want for Christmas? Maybe your planning to treat yourself as a reward for making it through this (very!) difficult year! In either case, here is my list of 8 splurge worthy gifts for crafters.

Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters

  1. Laser printer. I have a Glowforge and love it! If you don’t know what this machine does, it’s a laser printer that engraves, carves, cuts, and more. Price tag: $2995 and up. Get a discount on your Glowforge.
    Glowforge printer - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by
  2. Dreambox. Dreamboxes have been around for a while, and marketed under a few different names. If you haven’t heard of them, it is basically an armoire that you can tuck away an entire craft room full of goods and then it all folds into itself and packs up to stay neat and tidy. Price tag: $2,399. Click here to learn more. Workbox 3.0 - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by
  3. Sublimation printer. Sublimation is all the rage right now in the craft world! You create your designs, send them to the printer, and heat transfer them straight to your product. The Virtuoso is a great starter machine and actually pretty affordable! Price tag: $500 and up. Click here to learn more. 
    Sublimation Printer - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by
  4. CNC machine. I always drool over the large wooden and metal cut letters and I know that one way to cut them is by using a CNC machine. While you can buy smaller format CNC machines – I want the one that takes up my whole garage! Price tag: $5,000 and up. (Way up! That garage model of my fantasy would cost at least $25,000!)
     CNC Machine - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by
  5. Direct to garment printer. I’m sure you already know, but I love making wearable gear like tee shirts. However, I hate weeding but love designing! The perfect solution would be a direct to garment printer. If you don’t know what these are, you create your design, load your shirt, and they print right onto the shirt. Price tag: $12,000 and up. Click here to learn more.
     Direct to Garment Printer - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by
  6. Power tool bundle. Want to make all the fabulous wood signs you see around the internet? Invest in a power tool set and get started! I love, love my Dewalt tools! Price tag: $599 and up. Click here to learn more. Power Tools - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by
  7. Large format cutter. If you’ve outgrown your Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine, you might want to pick up a large format cutter. Price tag: $1800 and up. Click here to learn more. Graphtec Plotter - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by
  8. Embroidery machine. I just love the embroidered look of finished products, but I am not a big fan of the process of embroidery. I know that many crafters aways have their eye on embroidery machines! Price tag: $1000 and up (for a well reviewed one!) Click here to learn more. Brother Embroidery Machine - 8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - by

Need a more affordable shopping list for an experienced crafter? Click here. What’s on your splurge worthy list this year? Leave it in the comments!

8 Splurge Worthy Gifts for Crafters - Silhouette - Cricut - Glowforge - by


Monday 3rd of October 2022

2yrs late to the party I know …. but it’s reaffirming to see most of what’s on your list are things I’ve hankered for years for too! I’d add a larger vacuum forming machine, for reasons best know to me. :-)

Christine, Cutting for Business

Tuesday 4th of October 2022

Better late than never! Clearly we have impeccable taste in crafting machines!

John in Philly

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

I really like your splurge list. I would probably add in a TIG welding machine. I did buy an entry level embroidery machine last year and I learned to use it fairly well. The experience would require a much longer comment to fully explain the pluses and minuses.


Friday 7th of December 2018

John, I hope you are well! I love those additions!