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30+ Generic Sports T-Shirt Sayings for Crafters

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I’ve discussed trademarks related to sports on Cutting on Business several times.

I keep seeing frustrated blog readers, because they can’t make and sell team gear for their favorite team. This is especially difficult if your child plays on a sports team that licenses a professional team logo for their logo.

On many occasions, I’ve suggested to crafters to make generic sports gear in the team colors – and to possibly even add their player’s number.

Today, I’m sharing a list of generic sports t-shirt sayings for crafters.

30+ Generic Sports T-Shirt Sayings for Crafters -

30+ Generic Sports T-Shirt Sayings for Crafters

One team, one mission
One team, one dream
Whatever it takes
Win the day
Respect all, fear none
Believe in team
Refuse to lose
Practice winning everyday
Good. Better. Best.
Believe and achieve
Go big or go home
All out, all game, all season
We came to play
All it takes is all you’ve got
Our team, our town
Look up, get up, never give up
United we play, united we win
Practice makes perfect
Rise as one
Always earned, never given
Expect victory
Play like a champion today
Practice, practice, practice
We are family
Believe in team
Some wish for it. We work for it.
We play hard
Whatever it takes
No train, no gain
Game on!
Fight on
Dedication. Motivation. Success.

Whats your favorite generic sports saying? Add it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

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