50+ Birthday Sayings for Crafters

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Ahem, it’s my birthday! Let’s celebrate today with some birthday inspiration! I’ve compiled a list of birthday sayings for you to use to create products in your Silhouette or Cricut business. These are perfect for shirts, banners, signs, cards, and more.

To use any of these sayings, you’ll need to change the (age), (year of birth), anything else in (parentheses) to fit your need. And, don’t forget to check TESS for trademark concerns.

50+ Birthday Sayings for Crafters

Birthday Girl/Boy/Chick/Dude/Mom/Mama/Dad
Birthday Princess/Queen/Diva/Prince/King
Party Animal
Birthday vibes
I make (age) look good
Hi, (age)
I’m (age) let’s party
Hello, (age)
(Age) is great!
Miss/Mister (Month of Birth)
Made in (Year Born), (Age) Years of Awesome
Quality without Compromise (Year of birth)
I’m going to party like it’s my birthday
Not everyone looks so good at (age)
(Age) years of Awesome
Young, Wild, and (Age)
(Age) & Fabulous
Fabulous at (Age)
Life begins at (Age)
Cheers and Beers to (Age)
Cheers to (Age)
(Name) is (Age)
Wild & (Age)
Sweet, sassy, and (Age)
I Make (Age) Look Good
Vintage (Year of birth)
Coolest (Age) year old around
Established (Year of birth)
Team (Zodiac Sign)
Living Legend since (Year of birth)
Epic since (Year of birth)
Legendary since (Year of birth)
I’m not old, I’m Classic since (Year of birth)
(Age) and killing it
Finally (Age) (Great for 10, 16, 18, and 21!)
Kings/Queens/Princesses/Princes are born in (Month of Birth)
Today, I’m Golden (Great for golden birthdays.)
Straight Outta (Year of birth)
I am (Age) – Just warning you
I can’t keep calm, it’s my birthday
Made in (Year of birth)
Limited Edition (Year of birth)
Amazing Since (Year of birth)
Original (Year of birth)
(Age) looks good on me
(Number)ish (Great for those who don’t want to reveal how old they are!)
(Age) and aged like fine wine
Oh Snap! It’s my birthday!
I’m not getting older, I’m getting finer/wiser/better
Made in the (decade of birth)

But wait, there’s a few more!

Birthday Sayings Specific to Certain Years

(One) derful
Wild (One)
I’m (two) much
(Two) Wild/Fancy
Little Miss/Mister (Two) Much
Double Digits (For 10th birthday)
Sweet 16
Finally legal (For 18th birthday)
Barely legal (For 18th or 21st birthday)
21 and Legal
21 and Ready to Party
Legally drunk (For 21st birthday)
Triple Digits (For 100th birthday)

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50 Birthday Sayings for Silhouette Portrait or Cameo and Cricut Explore or Maker Crafters - by cuttingforbusiness.com

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