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42+ Back to School Products for Crafters to Make and Sell

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With July coming to an end, it’s time to start selling Back to School products in your craft business.

Today, I’m sharing a few ideas with you of Back to School Products for crafters to make and sell. With many of these product ideas, you’ll be able to use your Silhouette, Cricut, laser cutter, sewing machine, and other craft supplies you probably already have.

42+ Back to School Products for Crafters to Make and Sell -

42+ Back to School Products for Crafters to Make and Sell

  • Personalized School Supplies
    • Customized notebooks and journals with unique covers.
    • Decorated pencils, pens, and pencil cases with fun designs.
    • Hand-painted or embellished backpacks and lunch boxes.
    • Customized school supply labels and vinyl decals.
  • Classroom Decorations
    • Inspirational posters with motivational quotes for classrooms.
    • Alphabet and number wall art for younger students.
    • Bunting, banners, and garland to hang around the classroom.
  • Teacher Appreciation Gifts
    • Personalized mugs or tumblers for teachers.
    • Customized lanyards.
    • Earrings shaped like school symbols (school supplies, etc.).
    • Back to School greeting cards with space for a gift card.
    • School themed tote bags.
    • Personalized clipboards.
    • Customized stationery, “From the Classroom of Ms. or Mr…”
  • School Spirit Accessories
    • Handmade bracelets, necklaces, and keychains in school colors.
    • Spirit-themed hair bows and headbands.
    • Earrings shaped like school symbols (apples, rulers, etc.).
    • Customized shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, or socks.
    • Backpack hang tags, customized with school or sports colors.
    • Custom Croc charms.
  • Lunch Gear
    • Fabric lunch bags or reusable snack pouches.
    • Customized water bottles with names.
  • Classroom Decor
    • Posters and printables with uplifting messages and illustrations.
    • Acrylic pour paintings in school colors or patterns.
  • Classroom Door Decor
    • Themed and colorful door wreaths/welcome signs.
    • Personalized name plates for teachers’ classroom doors.
  • Creative Bulletin Board Packs
    • Create themed bulletin boards, along with a video or guide on how to assemble it. Sell them as a kit.
  • Classroom Passes & Reward Systems
    • Handpainted passes for the bathroom, nurse, or office.
    • Themed classroom treasure boxes filled with rewards.
  • Digital Goods
    • Back to school coloring pages, word searches, crossword puzzles.
    • School related SVG cut files.
    • Daily or weekly planners, either digital or printable.
    • Lesson plan templates.
    • Printable games or escape rooms.
    • Digital Meet the Teacher templates.
    • School themed seamless backgrounds.
  • Photography Props
    • First/last day of school boards/chalkboards.
    • Back to School photo booth props and/or backgrounds.
    • School year photo frames.
  • Locker Decorations
    • Magnetic photo frames to personalize lockers.
    • Fabric covered locker mirrors with fun patterns.
  • Food & Baking Related
    • Back to School themed cookie cutters.
    • Themed cupcake picks or cake toppers.

Before you go, I urge you to think not only of products related to teachers. You might find a niche in making and selling products geared towards coaches, cafeteria staff, office support staff, bus drivers, and janitors.

Psst! I’ve got a list of Back to School sayings.