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30+ Police Sayings for Crafters

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I grew up in a police family – my mother, father, and uncle were all sworn officers. The recent climate of police hatred in the United States just breaks my heart beyond belief. In honor of all the officers in the world, I’m sharing police sayings for crafters today!

30+ Police Sayings for Crafters

Daddy/Mommy/Auntie/Uncle/husband/wife is my hero.
I back the blue.
Forget the cape, my hero wears kevlar.
Real heroes don’t wear capes.
Police wifey/hubby.
Police mom/dad/sister/brother.
Blue lives matter.
I’ve got his/her 6. *Read more about this here.
Watch your 6.
In this family, no one fights alone.
I stand behind the thin blue line.
Back the blue, all lives matter.
This girl/guy supports the blue.
Support the police.
I support the guys in blue.
Blue strong.
I stand firm on the thin blue line.
I’ll walk the line with you.
I support the badge.
Thank a police officer.
Blue families matter.
Proud to be a police officer’s mother/father/brother/sister.
Cop mom/dad/aunt/uncle/etc.
Blue blooded American.
To some, this is a line. To others, this is their life.
I sleep alone, so you can sleep safe. -Police wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend
Protect and serve to the highest degree. Just promise you’ll come home to me.
Enough is enough.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they should be called the children of God. Mathew 5:9
Police officers serve to protect. Show them respect.
Blue strong.

If you do use any of these sayings to make a profit, I urge you to donate a portion of sales to a police foundation. Read more crafting inspiration list posts.

30+ Police Sayings for Silhouette Portrait or Cameo and Cricut Explore, Maker, or Joy Crafts and DIY - by


Friday 19th of April 2019

thank you for sharing these quotes. I was wanted to join the the police force when I was growing up.. sadly I had an accident at work which left me with nerve and muscle damage in my right arm and my trigger finger dose not function properly anymore. after a few different jobs I I fell into acting and my first role was a police officer! I've been working on a script for many years now about a P.O. and recently started filming the trailer for the film. I thought if I can't be one in real life I'll do it in a movie and try to inspire people and hopefully bring some respect to the the people who are there to help you when you need it. Full Respect To The Thin Blue Line. thanks

Christine, Cutting for Business

Saturday 18th of May 2019

Best of luck with your film!

Thin Blue Line Shop

Thursday 26th of July 2018

I love to see people showing support for our law enforcement professionals. There are people twisting the real meaning of what the thin blue line represents, stands for law enforcement's separation of order from chaos and NOT the separation of law enforcement and the public.

I am a career law enforcement officer and proud to say that my son is also one of the Blue Family! We are proud to be blue!

Love for America! Dave R Also owner of Thin Blue Line Shop


Wednesday 15th of August 2018

Thank you for your service!

Tami McCoy Ritter

Saturday 27th of May 2017

Thank you! My son is a Police Officer ???? It breaks my heart ❤️ all the negativity that is being said about them. Thank you for all the positive quotes it was so refreshing.


Monday 29th of May 2017

My pleasure Tami! LEO runs in my blood!

Dee Dee

Thursday 21st of July 2016

Thankyou so much for these quotes!!! These are great!!! I'm curious...will there be a follow-up "30+ Innocent Lives Matter" (followup post In honor of all the innocent indviduals that were killed by the not-so honorable police officers???


Monday 25th of July 2016

Hi Dee Dee! I have actually been working on that post already. Thanks for reading Cutting for Business!