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30+ Commercial Use Curly, Swirly, Swishy Script Fonts

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It’s no secret that I love fonts. In fact, I have over 1000 installed on my computer! Previously, I’ve shared my favorite kid’s fonts and some manly fonts; but today I’m sharing my favorite curly, swirly, swishy script fonts. All of the fonts I’ve shared below are available for commercial use. This makes them perfect for using in your Silhouette or Cricut small business.

30 Commercial Use Script Fonts

Amastery – Each letter has between 12 and 30 alternate characters. Includes the entire font family and a set of trendy dingbats.

Angelonia – A delicate font that includes 450 glyphs.

Annabella – A whimsical calligraphy font with 9 alternates for each letter.

Arlisa – A modern script font with a large set of flourishes.

Aslang Barry – A versatile script font with 525+ glyphs and 300 alternate characters.

Aventurine Scriptine – A script font with 394 glyphs and an absolutely gorgeous capital letter set.

Barbara – A smooth script font with 577 glyphs. I love this font because the glyphs are similar on each letter. This makes it easy to design symmetrical single letter designs.

Bralyn – A childlike script font (great for kids!) with 271 glyphs and an ornament set. Purchase includes the whole font family.

Brenda – A formal script font with 405+ glyphs.

Butterflies – An elegant calligraphy font that includes a set of flourishes.

Buttermilk Farmhouse – A script font that works great for farmhouse designs. You do have to know that the edges are not smooth and plan for this if cutting it. Also includes 85 farmhouse elements.

Champignon – An elegant, formal calligraphy style font with a full set of alternates. Best of all, it’s free for commercial use!

Fashionista – A contemporary script font that’s great for beginners because it comes as 7 font files – no need to access glyph panels or additional software.

Fredly – A thick, modern, fun script font that cuts great and includes alternates.

Hollybear – A signature style font that is great if you are creating a logo in a signature style. Includes an entire flourish set of lines.

Isabella – A dainty script font with 420+ glyphs and 169 alternates characters. I love it so much that they’ve mentioned Cutting for Business in the product description!

Joyful Letters – A handwritten script font duo. I recently used this script in a class I taught and the attendees loved it. The script has 550+ glyphs and the print has 380 glyphs.

Just Awesome – A monoline, whimsical font duo with plenty of alternate characters, including trailing lines for the front and back of words.

Lucita – A modern style script font with alternates. The trailing alternates each have a heart outline in them, making it a perfect font for weddings and Valentine’s Day.

Madina – A fun, bouncy, modern script. It includes both a rough and a smooth version (use the smooth if you are cutting it out). Includes end swashes and flourishes.

Maphylla – A calligraphy style script with 378 glyphs. This font has a gorgeous uppercase alphabet.

Mastura – An elegant script font with 533 glyphs. This font has extra long trailing letter lines for the front and back of words.

Nazeefa – A modern but elegant script font with loads of long, swirly swashes.

Nouradilla – A bouncy calligraphy font. Includes 413 glyphs and a beautiful uppercase alphabet.

Olivia – A swirly modern script font that includes 351 glyphs. Best news? It’s currently free with commercial use!

Paragraph – Another elegant calligraphy font with over 550 beautiful glyphs and 236 alternates. Suitable for a formal occasion.

Pathout – A bold, retro, chunky script with trailing swashes. Great for sports style designs!

Prilliya – A beautiful and delicate script font with plenty of curls and swirls – 550 of them!

Rottarity Feminine – A dainty script font with gorgeous glyphs! Includes a bonus set of party themed doodles.

Samantha – Perhaps the most popular script font among die cutters, Samantha features 1000 glyphs! I use the Upright version the most. (Once on Mighty Deals, simply search “Samantha” in the search box.)

Scriptina – A billowy script font without the extras, but that’s ok because it is gorgeous! My favorite part? It’s free for commercial use!

Sophia – A chunky, brush script font with plenty of alternates. And, it’s free for commercial use!

Vanilla Daisy – A smooth, thick script font with 700+ glyphs!

Wolfsbane – A beautiful calligraphy style font with plenty of glyphs. I’ve used this one several times on the blog and readers love it!

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Saturday 24th of July 2021

Would you happen to know a font that is close to the one used on the Sunshine Tree Terrace sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom?

Christine, Cutting for Business

Tuesday 27th of July 2021

I don't know, I'm sorry. has a list of attraction fonts, but please also read this article:

Jerri Dyke

Friday 8th of December 2017

Does cutting for business have in affiliate link for adobe Photoshop? I’ve been looking into purchasing it recently and came back here and saw you have the fonts. So wondered about the link christine. Thank you Jerri.


Friday 8th of December 2017

Hi Jerri! I do, thanks for asking: Just an FYI: Adobe does not offer incentives or discounts for affiliates to pass on.

David Austin

Tuesday 28th of November 2017

Hi there! Could you make a list of some free commercial fonts? I'd love that!


Friday 1st of December 2017

Hi David! I'm doing lists in small groups. Otherwise, there's hundreds of thousands of fonts to list. Here's suggestions on where to find commercial use fonts: