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25+ Virtual Back to School Sayings for Crafters

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A few days ago, I shared a list of Back to School Sayings for crafters. But I realize that going Back to School in a traditional manner isn’t going to be possible for millions across the United States. So today, I’m sharing some virtual back to school sayings for Silhouette and Cricut crafters.

25+ Virtual Back to School Sayings

Back to {virtual} school
Zooming/Zoomin’ into (grade level)
Zooming/Zoomin’ through (grade level)
Zoom teacher
Essential teacher
Virtual teacher
Teachers are essential
Learning from a distance/Teaching from a distance
I go to school in my pajamas (or pjs)
2020: Every day is pajama day
Hello virtual (grade)
Teachers can do virtually everything
First/Last day of online school
Virtual class of (year)
Virtual school king, prince, queen, princess, cutie, stud, dude, etc
Virtual school just got a lot cooler
Stay At Home Teacher
SAHT, like a regular teacher but cooler
Zoom Elementary (Middle, High, University) School, Est 2020
Educated by Zoom
Zoom Schooled
Virtual school survivor
Making a Difference from a Distance
In this together
Missing my students
Virtually Awesome Teacher
Virtual graduate

Get to crafting and selling! But, be sure to search TESS for trademark conflicts for your particular products. No idea what I’m talking about? Check out more information in this post.

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