25+ Email Newsletter Subjects for Your Craft Business This Christmas

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I’ve said it over – and over – and over again: Email newsletters are a great way to get (and stay!) in front of your customers. If you haven’t read my previous posts on email newsletters, go check them out:

One of the easiest ways to get your customer’s attention is through a catchy email subject. Today, I’m sharing 25 email newsletter subject lines you can use this holiday season in your Silhouette or Cricut small business.

25+ Email Subjects for Your Craft Business This Christmas

The most wonderful time of year… Coupon inside!

Our Ultimate Gift Guide Enclosed

The best stocking stuffers? Handmade ones!

Don’t show up empty handed, hurry and grab a hostess gift.

Open this email for holiday savings!

GIFT-MAS is here, check out our recommended gifts.

Looking for a Unique Gift? We’ve got you covered.

Hurry in for handmade gifts!

50% (or 40%, 30%, and so on) off everything! Coupon code inside.

Forget the Fruitcake! Grab our (name of best selling product)!

Yule love our holiday products!

Better than Christmas cookies? Our holiday sale!

Our Sale is so Big, Santa’s Coming!

Picked the perfect tree? Put the perfect gift under it.

We wish you a Merry Christmas (with these special deals!)

Stay in your pajamas and shop our sale.

It’s too cold to go out! Cozy up with these deals.

Psst, Santa says he shops at (name of shop)! Get an exclusive offer inside.

Make a new holiday tradition: Shopping our website!

Free Shipping, Free Gift Wrap, and a Coupon Code!

Santa Approved! New Products are Now Available.

Don’t be a Grinch, shop early and save!

Our elves are working overtime! Last minute gifts available.

‘Tis the Season – To Save! Sale details inside!

The Best Christmas Gifts? Personalized Ones!

Announcement: Our Biggest Holiday Sale Starts Now!

How’d I come up with these sayings? For many of them, I used this ‘formula’: Catchy saying/Pun + Deal. The first half is a cute, creative, or catchy play on words to get the customers attention in their inbox. The second part is a deal/coupon/sale/new product announcement. After you’ve gotten their attention in their inbox, you give them a reason to open the email.

So, get out there and try it! Need more help getting your shop ready for the holidays? Head to this post.

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  1. Christine, I can’t thank you enough for all your incredibly informative posts – they have helped me SO MUCH, and I appreciate your generosity in sharing your wisdom. I’m just now getting started with THINKING of blogging each week, posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, but I’m so far behind in technology (was in the two different professional fields that didn’t allow me to learn the latest and greatest!), that it’s been VERY difficult finding folks to guide me (I’ve been ripped off several times to the tune of hundreds and hundreds of dollars). I wish I had a knowledgeable friend who lived next door so we could “create” and share our wares together! In the meantime, tho, I’ll be gathering as many helpful hints from you as you’re willing to share!

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