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30+ Anti Bullying Sayings for Crafters

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Why is an anti bullying article appearing on a business crafting blog? With the rise of bullying in schools and beyond, we as small business owners and influencers can use our unique positions to help discourage bullying.

How you ask? By simply creating products that deal with the subject. For example, if your small business creates a line of t-shirts with anti bullying phrases on them, you may help open up the conversation about bullying at a dinner table or in a classroom.

Similarly, you could make stickers, notecards, or signs. To help you get started, here is a list of anti bullying sayings.

30+ Anti Bullying Sayings for Crafters -

30+ Anti Bullying Sayings for Crafters

Stop bullying
No bullying
Be kind
We all belong
It’s cool to be kind
Kind is the new cool
Kind is always cool
Choose kindness
Team kindness
Kindness changes everything
Have courage and be kind
Make kindness your motto
Kindness is free
Stand up, speak out
Words matter
Be a voice, not an echo
Kindness is Our Superpower
Kind Words, Kind Actions
Lead, don’t follow
Creating a Culture of Kindness
Be a buddy/Not a bully
Be buddies/Not bullies
Kindness Begins with You
Stop, Think, and Speak Kindly
You can sit with me
Delete online bullying
Bullying isn’t cool
Every student matters
Don’t be a bully, be a friend
Buddies not bullies
Stop bullying it hurts
Bully free zone

Oh! If you design and sell digital cut files, there are less than one page of results for anti-bullying files on Etsy. So get designing, the market is wide open!

As always, be sure to check the TESS database for trademark conflicts before creating products for sale with these or any other phrases.