10 Titles to Call Yourself in Your Craft Business Instead of ‘Crafter’

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I get asked a lot about what craft business owners should call themselves in their businesses. Unfortunately, among the general public, ‘crafter’ has a somewhat of a negative connotation. The common belief of many is that craft projects and crafting is something that anyone can do. Some may relate ‘crafts’ to something made by a child or a DIYer and not on a professional level. Today, let’s look at other names that you can call yourself in your business.

10 Titles to Call Yourself in Your Craft Business Instead of ‘Crafter’

  1. Owner: Simple and straightforward. You are the owner of your business, so call yourself that.
  2. Operator: Again, simple and straightforward. You could combine with owner and be an Owner Operator if you wanted.
  3. Entrepreneur: To the point and makes you sound like the go getter and business starter and grower that you are.
  4. CEO: You are in charge of it all, so feel free to use CEO (which stands for Chief Executive Officer).
  5. Designer: Designer sounds fancier than ‘Crafter’ and it pretty much sums up what you do: design and make products. Designer is especially useful if you design digital goods or do a lot of custom work. Feel free to put something in front of it, too: Jewelry Designer, Tumbler Designer, Tee Shirt Designer.
  6. Creator: Like Designer, Creator is fancier than ‘Crafter’, and it still does a pretty good job of describing what you do… create stuff!
  7. Maker: If your products are trendy, Maker is a good title. It’s hip and fresh and pretty commonly used among the millennial crowd.
  8. Artisan: Artisan sounds great for handcrafted products and could work well as your title.
  9. Partner: If your business is set up with more than one person owning it, call yourself a partner. If you hold majority in the partnership, you could go with Managing Partner.
  10. Nothing: If you don’t want to use an official title in your craft business, that’s ok. Feel free to simply go by your name. Your first name or your full name both work great.

An honorary mention to the list is to have fun with your title and make something up like, ‘Chief Oreo Eater’, ‘Director of All Things Crafty’, and so on.

Tell me in the comments: What do you call yourself in your craft business?

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10 Titles to Call Yourself in Your Craft Business Instead of 'Crafter' - Great for Etsy shop owners and Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Explore or Maker crafters- by cuttingforbusiness.com

35 thoughts on “10 Titles to Call Yourself in Your Craft Business Instead of ‘Crafter’”

  1. When talking to people in a general setting I call myself an artist if it’s something more business oriented or networking focused then I am Creative Director and Designer.

  2. I feel like you missed an opportunity there with that “chief oreo eater” thing, as flipping it around to “chief eater of oreos” also nets you CEO status. ????

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