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10 Things You Can Make with a Silhouette Curio – but not a Cameo

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A lot of readers ask me about selling products made with their Silhouette Curio. Today, we are talking Silhouette Curio! I’m turning it over to Kelly from Finding Time to Create:

Hi there! I’m sharing some Silhouette Curio projects you can’t make with the Silhouette Cameo. Because of the Curio’s platform system and high clearance, and because of the stipple and emboss functions unlocked in Silhouette Studio when a Curio is attached, the Curio can do quite a few clever tricks.

10 Things You Can Make With a Silhouette Curio and Not a Silhouette Cameo

Stipple Art:

Silhouette Curio Project: Umbrella Stippled Art Collection - by for

  1. These are framed pieces of stipple art on canvas panels using markers in a Curio with the stippling function in Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Curio Project: Stippled metal art - by for

  1. Metal stipple art on a thin metal sheet.

Silhouette Curio Project: Stipple Art from Photographs - by for

  1. Stipple art from photographs. These are black and white photos converted to tiny dots in Silhouette Studio, then stippled with a marker by the Curio. Personalized products, anyone?

Emboss/Deboss Crafts:
Silhouette Curio Project: Faux Letterpress Prints - by for

  1. Faux letterpress prints. This print & deboss project uses the Curio embossing tool and the soft emboss mat to press into the printout, giving it a letterpress look. Add more depth and texture to your printables!

Silhouette Curio Project: Print and Emboss Greeting Cards - by for

  1. Print & emboss cards. The letters are subtly raised up, giving a nice texture to the card.

Silhouette Curio Project: Debossed Vinyl Greeting Cards - by for

  1. This is another piece of debossed art, but this one has vinyl inlaid within the debossing detail.

Craft Foam Creations:

Silhouette Curio Project: Craft Foam Greeting Card - by for

  1. The Curio with its deep-cut blade can cut thick craft foam to add even more depth to cards and other crafts.

Scratch Board Art:

Silhouette Curio Project: Scratch Board Airplane Art - by for

  1. This piece uses the Curio etching tool and a sketch design to create a unique piece of scratchboard art, which is much too thick to run through a CAMEO.

Etched Metal Art:

Silhouette Curio Project: Etched Metal Art - by for

Silhouette Curio Project - Metal Etched Butterfly Art - by for

  1. This Joy of Christmas piece and this metal etch butterfly piece use the Curio etching tool and the unlocked Silhouette-Studio emboss-effect feature to turn normal cut files into etched metal art.

Silhouette Curio Project - Etched Jewelry - by for

  1. Finally, the same etching tool used in the Curio can engrave metal blanks to create personalized jewelry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this exposure to some unique ways the Silhouette Curio can expand your creations in ways the Silhouette CAMEO cannot. I’d love to have you visit my blog Finding Time to Create for tutorials on these projects.

A huge thanks to Kelly for stopping in and sharing these projects. If you want to pick up a Silhouette Curio, they are usually cheapest at this link on Amazon.

10 Projects You Can Make with a Silhouette Curio - but not a Cameo - by for