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Can You Legally Sell Disney Crafts?

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Wondering if you can make and sell Disney crafts? Let’s take a look at the copyright and trademark laws regarding selling Disney crafts you make.

You should know: I am not a lawyer, and don’t represent myself to be one. The information below is not legal advice. It is information I have collected online through independent research.

Can You Make and Sell Disney Crafts? -

Can You Legally Sell Disney Crafts?

You cannot legally make and sell any product with Disney lyrics, quotes, or characters on it without permission from The Walt Disney World Company.

While some companies turn a blind eye and don’t actively pursue sellers selling their trademarked properties; Disney employs a team of people whose only job it is to hunt down people/companies using their trademarks without permission.

If Disney chooses to pursue a copyright or trademark violation against you, your store or shop can be shut down, you can be forced to pay back all monies made from the items, your equipment could be confiscated, and you can be prosecuted for trademark/copyright infringement.

Unfortunately for small sellers, Disney has far more resources to legally pursue you and you will not win the battle.

How Can You Get A Disney License?

Disney has a website that offers a questionnaire about licenses. Depending on your selection, you’ll either be taken to licensing information – or a generic message. Let’s take a look at what information Disney gives when you fill in the questionnaire.

Disney Licensing Intake Questionnaire

Response from Disney when you select ‘Designer of decals or posters’:

Response from Disney when you select ‘Cake Designer or baker’:

Response from Disney when you select ‘I want to make a T-shirt’:

Response from Disney when you select ‘Seek to sell or buy a Disney character or Disney-themed product on Etsy’.

What Does Disney Look for in Licensees?

Disney shares information about what they look for in licensees. You’ll note that it includes information about labor standards, product safety, credit, and insurances.

What About Licensing Disney Music or Movie Clips?

If you are seeking to license music or movie clips, you’ll want to visit The Walt Disney Studios licensing page.

Read the FAQ on the licensing page carefully. Different options provide different links to whom you will want to contact. For example, if you are inquiring about licensing Marvel, a specific email address is given. But, if you are curious about licensing theme park footage, another email address is provided.

Can You Legally Sell Disney Crafts? -

What About Disney Cricut Cartridges?

Some Cricut cartridges have Disney images on them. These images are for personal use only as detailed in Cricut’s Angel Policy. Why? Cricut and Disney have a license agreement that allows Cricut to make and sell the cartridges, but the license agreement is between Cricut and Disney – not Disney and the end user (you).

What About Using Disney Fabric?

Many times when you buy fabric, you’ll notice a statement regarding usage on the selvage edge of the fabric. It might say: ‘Personal use only’, ‘Non commercial use only’, or something else similar.

Fabric selvage edge with a copyright notice -

These fabric warnings have been a hot topic in the craft world for years. Many crafters state that they are not enforceable.

There is one court case that sets a precedence regarding using licensed fabric in goods for sale (Precious Moments, Inc. v. La Infantil, Inc.). This particular case involves a crib set made using Precious Moments licensed fabric. Precious Moments, Inc stated that this was against the fabric license. In the end, the court decided that it was not an infringement and that the seller could continue to sell the products with a modification to the product label.

For me? It’s my personal policy to not make and sell items from licensed fabrics. Why? If it comes down to it, I don’t have any interest in a lengthy legal fight. But, you’ll have to decide your own policy.

Can I Resell Disney Merchandise?

If you are interested in reselling Disney products, you can do so under the first sale doctrine. The first sale doctrine states:

“The first sale doctrine, codified at 17 U.S.C. § 109, provides that an individual who knowingly purchases a copy of a copyrighted work from the copyright holder receives the right to sell, display or otherwise dispose of that particular copy, notwithstanding the interests of the copyright owner.”

In terms everyone can understand: The first sale doctrine says that if you legally purchase a copyrighted or trademarked item, you have the right to resell it in a store, online, or to someone else.

This means that if you buy a licensed Disney shirt, let’s say from the Disney Store, that you can resell the shirt.

Can I Make Disney Crafts for Personal Use?

You can make personal use Disney crafts for yourself. As long as no money exchanges hand, it’s unlikely that you’ll be bothered by Disney.

It’s important to realize that many personal use crafts are still trademark infringements. However, it simply isn’t worth it for a company to come after an individual who isn’t selling the product.

It’s a common misconception that personal use crafts are not trademark infringements. Read about more trademark myths that you have to understand.

What About Public Domain Characters?

If you are familiar with Disney characters and stories, you’ll know that Disney didn’t create many of their characters and stories. Instead, Disney created their own version of the characters and stories.

For example, Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is Disney’s take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a book written in the 1800’s by Lewis Carroll. The copyright has expired on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and it is considered public domain.

This means that you can use characters and material from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in your products for sale. But, you must be cautious to only use content aligned with the Lewis Carrol book – not Disney’s version.

Learn more about public domain characters and crafting.

Can I Make and Sell Disney SVG Cut Files or Fan Art?

To make and sell Disney SVG cut files or fan art, you’d need permission from The Walt Disney Company.

I Bought a Disney SVG on Etsy with Commercial Use Rights, Why Can’t I Use It?

Put simply: It is likely that even though you bought a commercial use Disney file on Etsy, the seller selling you the file doesn’t have permission from Disney to sell it. It doesn’t matter if you bought a commercial use license, you still can’t sell it.

I’ve gone in detail about buying designs online that sellers don’t have a license to sell at this link.

Can I Use Disney in My Tags or Titles?

I see a lot of Etsy sellers listing products as ‘Disney inspired’ or just using the word ‘Disney’ in their product title, tags, or description.

This would be an infringement unless you have permission or a license from Disney.

You may have seen disclaimers on product listings. While they may vary slightly, the text reads similarly to this:

“This item is not a licensed product. I do not claim ownership of any character or image used in my designs. Copyrights and/or trademarks of any character and/or image used belong to their respective owners and are not being sold.”

Unfortunately, a disclaimer will not protect you from copyright and trademark issues.

Can You Legally Sell Disney Products? -

How Are So Many Other Sellers Selling Handmade Disney Products?

I get asked this question a lot: ‘How come I see other sellers selling Disney products on Etsy?’ There are two different answers here: 1) They have a license to sell the product. 2) They are selling illegally.

Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of sellers that don’t do their homework before making products for sale. It doesn’t help that there are so many trademark infringements online. I think sellers see others doing it, then think it is ok.

What Happens if You Get Caught Selling a Disney Product?

If you are caught illegally selling a Disney product, a few different things could happen:

  • Your listings could be removed from whatever marketplace you are selling in.
  • Your marketplace account could be temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • You could receive a cease and desist letter.
  • A lawsuit could be filed against you.

Note: It is a myth that companies have to send a cease and desist letter before starting legal proceedings against you. This is not true. Cease and desist letters are often sent because it is cheaper than formal legal proceedings.

How Can I Report Disney Trademark Infringements?

Want to report Disney trademark infringements? Please do not report them to me or leave a comment with the information. I cannot help you. Instead, you can report Disney trademark infringements directly to Disney.

  • Email Disney:
  • Leave a message for the Disney Anti Piracy Team: (818) 560-3300.

Unfortunately, I have disabled comments for this article. Too many commenters were leaving comments to report trademark infringements on Etsy. If you’d like to share your comments with me, email me.


Saturday 28th of May 2022

Hi Christine,

Can you use anything Disney in your designs if you add ©Disney?

Christine, Cutting for Business

Friday 24th of June 2022

No. You'll still need a license.


Wednesday 4th of May 2022

"How Can I Report Disney Trademark Infringements?"

Yes, won't somebody *please* think of those poor billion-dollar megacorps with the aforementioned very expensive legal team?

Christine, Cutting for Business

Friday 24th of June 2022

It's their intellectual property. They have a right to protect it. You have a right to apply for a license and pay if you want to use their property. Pretty simple - whether it is a billion-dollar company or a sole proprietor.


Sunday 7th of February 2021

Hi Christina! Thank you for taking the time to answer questions.

So I'm curious about online resellers, such as in online thrift shops or even real-world garage sales. Is it legal for people to resell officially-licensed merchandise that they no longer use e.g. officially licensed Disney/Marvel/etc. t-shirts?

This is assuming the product has not been altered or used in a craft and is not being sold as an altered item or altered creation.


Christine, Cutting for Business

Monday 8th of February 2021

Yes, look up First Sale Doctrine. Enjoy your week!


Saturday 13th of June 2020

Hi christine!

first off, thank you for answering all of our questions, another one for you:

does copyright include 'likeness' of a character? for example, what if I make a hand bar of soap in the silhouette of Peter Pan, using his colors but no actual facial features. or making a bar of soap in the shape of Peter pans green hat with red feather. also what about something more abstract, like using just the colors of mini mouses dress (red and white polka dots) on a basic square bar of soap and calling it something like: "Miss Mouse Soap Bar" in stead of "Mini Mouse Soap Bar" (would Disney come after something like that?)

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Yes, likeness is included. It's a best practice to stay away from any and all Disney related products. The definition of trademark infringement is 'likelihood of confusion'. This means if a customer can confuse your product with an official product, it could be an infringment.


Saturday 13th of June 2020

sorry one more thing:

here's a link to an etsy shop where the seller created their own rendition of the Alice and wonderland characters, if you make your own 'parody' of a Disney character are you able to sell it, (or if it is recognizable enough to be a Disney character it is automatically a copyright problem)

Amanda Rose

Thursday 14th of November 2019

Ok so I have a question in are Luzerne county mall in Wilkes barre they use everything Disney made. They add inspired by they said it keeps them safe? Is this true! Also I want to know how we can’t use Cinderella or princess on things or other names like Mario.. these are peoples names anymore how can Disney go after anyone now with these names! Also Disney got there ears and that and copied and animal so how does that give them a copyright to it? Mouse’s where around long before Disney! They use world which is a copy of the place I live! Almost all that Disney uses was actually inspired by and copied from other names. So I’m not sure to how one can get in trouble without using an exact logo of your theme park!

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

Hello! 1) Inspired by doesn't keep them safe. 2) You can use the name Mario on something. You can't refer to the Mario Brothers. 3) You are welcome to craft something that looks like a mouse. You can't copy Disney's version of a mouse (Mickey). Hope this helps!

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