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15 Social Media Don’ts for Craft Businesses

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It’s no secret that social media is a necessity in modern times to running a craft business. Today, I wanted to share a quick list I’ve put together about 

15 Social Media Don’ts for Craft Businesses

  1. Don’t constantly sell, sell, sell. Yes, the purpose of your social media profiles is to promote your business. However, you will lose followers if you solely post things for sale everyday. Vary your content. Need some ideas for varied content? Read this post.
  2. Don’t beg your followers. I see this a lot, ‘Share this’, ‘Follow me over here’, and so on. Once in a while it’s perfectly acceptable, but not on every post.
  3. Don’t post before you proofread. I’m guilty of this every once in a while, but please, proofread before you post to your social media.
  4. Don’t share the same thing over and over again. It’s okay to post the same message more than once – but make sure it’s spaced out over time.
  5. Don’t write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. I get it, you’re excited! I’m excited, too! But, writing in all capital letters is known as SCREAMING on the internet. 
  6. Don’t get involved in politics. Honestly, political conversations often go downhill on social media. The best plan for your craft business? Stay out of it. Want to share your opinions? Your personal profile is a better outlet.
  7. Don’t fight with trolls. Have someone intentionally posting on your page to get a rise out of you? Don’t even engage with them. Delete their comments, remove them, and move on.
  8. Don’t go to other related small businesses and promote yourself on their page. I’ll come straight up and say it: If you sell tumblers and you go to another tumbler maker’s social media to promote yourself – you look bad, your business looks bad, and it’s tacky. Don’t do it.
  9. Don’t feel like to have to be on every social media network. Not all networks will bring you the customers you are seeking. Find the ones that work for you – and stick with them.
  10. Don’t schedule a post and never return to it. It’s completely fine to use automation tools to schedule posts to social media. It’s not okay to schedule messages and never look back at them. Followers leave comments and questions – be sure to answer or acknowledge them.
  11. Don’t complain. Everyone has complaints, but they don’t need to be aired on your business page. And, don’t complain or vent about customers either.
  12. Don’t feel pressured to follow everyone that follows you. While follow trains are nice, they don’t give you an engaged audience. Instead, follow accounts that you are actually interested in.
  13. Don’t obsess about social media numbers. It’s better to have a small engaged audience than a large social media following with no engagement. Need to improve your engagement? Head to this post.
  14. Don’t use personal accounts as a business. Always follow the terms of service for whatever network you are on. If you are using the network as a business, be sure to create a business account.
  15. Don’t spam. Constantly posting links to your page all over a network is considered spam. For example, if you join 10 Facebook Groups and post your website link in every one – it’s considered spam. Don’t do it or you’ll risk being removed from the network altogether.

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