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My Husband Has Cancer

The four words, ‘My husband has cancer’, are some of the hardest for me to write, speak, or think. If you read my last update (see it here), rest assured, we are long gone from the ICU. We’ve been transferred to a Cancer Treatment Center and are currently undergoing inpatient chemotherapy for an aggressive lymphoma that has spread to his liver and spleen. These therapies will continue inpatient through this fall – with some breaks at home if he is strong enough.

What is Happening to the Blog?

Right now, nothing is happening to the Cutting for Business blog. After June 22nd, most of the content that I wrote before my husband fell ill will have posted. I will not be adding new content for a while. My role as a spouse is changing and my focus right now continues to be my husband and our kids. I’m moving from spouse to spouse caregiver. I’ll be honest, this is a foreign territory to me. As I learn how to handle the demands of caring for a cancer patient, I will return to the blog part time, then, full time. But, today, I don’t know when that will be. Thank you for your patience, kind words, inspirational stories, and most of all – faith.