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5 Viral Ways to Make a Million Dollars in Your Craft Business

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Quarter one (January, February, and March) are infamous for being slow.

If sales have been slow in your craft business, I’ve got some ideas for how you can earn a million dollars today.

5 Viral Ways to Make a Million Dollars in Your Craft Business Today - Silhouette Cameo - Cricut Maker - by

5 Viral Ways to Make a Million Dollars in Your Craft Business

  1. Sell one million monogrammed window decals for $1 each.
  2. Sell 200,000 rhinestone bling headbands for $5 each.
  3. Sell 50,000 tee shirts with heat transfer vinyl for $20 each.
  4. Sell 20,000 personalized epoxied tumblers for $50 each.
  5. Sell 10,000 hand painted wooden signs for $100 each.

Not enough time in your day? Work faster. Drink more coffee. Make your kids help you.

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Hahahaha. Happy April Fool’s Day!

I’ll just be sitting over here laughing. You want to know why? I know someone is going to start reading the post, get to the list, and leave an angry comment on the blog or social media. It happens every year. 🤣 

Also, my younger kids filled the Keurig coffee maker with lemonade this morning. Oh, it’s going to be a long day.

Sue Usher

Sunday 12th of August 2018

I am making some white window cling decals. I sell them at Dogs show events and would like them to show up better on my rack. I looked at buying some colored wax paper to back them with...any better ideas? They don’t show up well in the original backing.


Monday 24th of September 2018

Hi Sue! I'd think that a large poster frame with a solid background would work well. Just place a sample of each window decal with the price on the outside, then have the actual decals under the table or in a basket near the display. Hope that helps!

Marsha jones

Saturday 7th of October 2017

I love your advic, I'm forgiving for your April fools! I really though this was a legit way to make that much money. I even talked my husband into the initial investment. Lucky he's a good sport. I usually am the queen of April Fools LOL


Saturday 7th of October 2017

LOL! Too funny! Funny story: a reader browsing Pinterest called me a fraud because she didn't realize this was an April Fool's joke! :)


Tuesday 28th of June 2016

I have only been monogramming for a month. I have done a few thing here and there, but I don't know where to start as far as commercial with licenses I am aware about NFL stuff but a lot of these sites want to charge 2 dollars for commercial per use of the design I have a Silhouette do I buy them commercially on as needed basis. I am lost on what to do


Wednesday 29th of June 2016

Hi Donice! Invest in a good monogram font for commercial use, then design and sell as you please. Hope that helps!