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30+ Virtual & Digital Conferences for Crafters and Creatives in 2020

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It might seem that all the conferences and trade shows are cancelled for the rest of 2020, but that is farther from than truth than you can imagine!

Whether you are looking to network with other makers, learn a new skill, or just break up your day-to-day life – there are plenty of conferences happening virtually in 2020! In fact, 2020 might allow you to attend some conferences that you wouldn’t normally be able to (I’ll see you at Adobe Max in October and it is free!).

Today, I’m sharing a bunch of conferences that I have bookmarked on my computer that have gone virtual/digital for this year. While the schedule looks bare for later dates, I assume that it is because some events just haven’t cancelled yet. And, if you know of a great conference I didn’t include – leave me a comment with details and I will look into it.

30+ Virtual & Digital Conferences Fall/Winter 2020





30+ Virtual & Digital Conferences for Crafters and Creatives in 2020 - by

Peggy Waters

Monday 31st of August 2020

Oh my goodness thanks for this!! Really appreciate the listings!

Christine, Cutting for Business

Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Happy to share! Everyone needs something to look forward to this year.