Can You Reuse Shipping Boxes in Your Craft Business?

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A reader recently emailed me asking if it is okay to reuse a shipping box (meaning a box that she received a product from another company in) to ship a product to her customer.

Can You Reuse Shipping Boxes in Your Craft Business?

You should have an ample supply of boxes on hand for your orders, but I know that every once in a while I have to ship a larger order or a larger product and might not have a box I need.

I think that it is okay to reuse boxes once in a while to ship items to customers. The recycled boxes should be in great condition and free from other branding. I am a member of Amazon Prime and I receive a lot of shipments in the mail. When reusing boxes, I remove any mention of the previous company – including Amazon’s branded tape. I then add a sticker that I created by doing a Print and Cut on my Silhouette Cameo that says, “This box has been recycled. Please consider reusing it.”

I’m happy to share my stickers with Cutting for Business readers!

Instructions for Free Printable Recycled Box Stickers

  1. Grab some Silhouette Printable White Sticker paper from
  2. Download the free recycled box stickers file.
  3. Open the file in Silhouette Studio.
  4. Print the file.
  5. Load the printed sticker sheet onto your mat with the small black box in the upper left hand corner of your mat.
  6. Load your mat.
  7. Select the cut settings for “White Sticker Paper” (Blade: 2, Speed 8, Thickness:14) and cut them out.

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Can You Reuse Shipping Boxes in Your Craft Business? - Silhouette or Cricut - by

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  1. Hi, loved this sticker. Wanted to ask you, what’s the best way to cover up the print on the cardboard boxes so we can reuse them to our customers?

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