3 Reasons to Include a Packing Slip in Your Orders

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I had a Cutting for Business reader recently send me an email about whether or not she should include a printed packing list/invoice in packages she sends to customers in her craft business. So, let’s talk about it.

3 Reasons to Include a Packing Slip in Your Orders

  1. In the event the label falls off. If the label on the package falls off or gets damaged – the post office can (and will) open the package to reveal the contents. They do this in response to missing package inquiries. If there is a packing slip inside that shows the recipient’s address or the return address. They are able to get the package moving to where it should go. (Disclaimer: I can’t say that every post office will do this, but if the slip is in there it’s possible. Without a packing slip – all they’d have is products.)
  2. It clears up customer confusion. Let’s face it: Customers don’t always read product details before they purchase. By including a packing slip/invoice in each package you send, the customer can compare what they received to what they ordered.
  3. It’s a great place to write a handwritten note or sentiment. See more about the power of handwritten notes in this post.

Tell me in the comments – do you include a packing slip/invoice in your packages?

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18 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Include a Packing Slip in Your Orders”

  1. Yes I do along with a handwritten thank you card. I also use the invoice to detail any special requests or discussion points between the buyer and myself as a reminder.

  2. I print an invoice for every order I do – it’s done in landscape format, so one half goes into the box and the other half goes into my file for tax purposes.

  3. Dee Halsema - Halsema Custom Creations

    Hi Christine, I always enclose an invoice/packing slip for both their benefit and mine. They have something for their records & so do I. Plus, like you, I like to add handwritten notes to my clients whether it be a heartfelt thank you, a special offer, etc. Thank you for all you do to help the rest of us. You do make a difference and you are valued! Have a blessed day!

  4. I insist upon them. They give me a chance to make sure everything is in the box and that the customer knows how much they paid for each item. I sell on Facebook and when I buy from someone on there who doesn’t use them I think they must not be in it for the long haul. They are a MUST!

  5. Yes, I definitely feel a packing slip is very important, because (as from my own experience), I sometimes forget what I ordered from who and this is my reminder.

  6. I include a pack slip with every order and it’s cleared up confusion on more than one occasion. The buyer thought they asked for one thing but the pack slip indicated otherwise.

  7. I put a packing slip in every package I ship. I’m always afraid the shipping label will fall off! Also as a reminder to the customer of what they ordered and where they ordered it from!

  8. I don’t include them. I hate the waste of paper and ink. Over 7000 sales and nobody has asked about lack of one or wanted one. The records are online, easier for me to keep up with.

  9. I haven’t shipped any orders to people other than family and friends so I’ve never sent one. As a customer I can say I prefer the slips that are a quarter or half page. It’s nice to have the details but don’t need more paper filling up my trashcan.

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