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Food Scale versus Postage Scale for Shipping in Your Craft Business

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Today, I’m tackling another reader question: I already own a food scale, do I need to buy a postage scale to use in my craft business?

Do You Need a Postage Scale?

Answer: In general, either will work for shipping products made with your Silhouette or Cricut. However, there are a few things to watch out for:

  1. Weight capacity. Look at the weight capacity of the scale. Food scales in general have lower weight capacities compared to postage scales. If you only ship small items this isn’t a big deal, if you ship larger items you’ll likely need a postage scale.
  2. Automatic importing. If you want to connect your scale to your computer and automatically import the weights from the scale, you will need a postage scale.
  3. Label printer. If you want to use a label printer with your scale, you should buy a postage scale.
  4. External display. If you regularly ship large or bulky items, purchase a postage scale with an external display (this style of display is connected on a wire to the machine).

Recommendations for Postage Scales

You can pick up inexpensive scales on Amazon – usually for much cheaper than office stores – many are under $30. I personally own this scale and it has worked perfectly for years.

Food Scale versus Postage Scale for Shipping in Your Craft Business - by

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