Photos: All Things Silhouette Conference Fall 2017

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I’m back from the latest All Things Silhouette Conference, and I can’t wait to share my photos with you! During this conference, I enjoyed teaching classes on copyrights and trademarks for Silhouette small business owners, growing your Silhouette business through social media, creating digital mockups in Silhouette Studio, and hosting home parties with your Silhouette. While not in class, I enjoyed meeting Cutting for Business readers, taking selfies, and selling and signing my books.

Here’s a look at the conference from my point of view:

Have questions about the conference? Head to this post to get answers.

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Photos: All Things Silhouette Conference Fall 2017 - Cameo, Curio, Portrait, Mint -

6 thoughts on “Photos: All Things Silhouette Conference Fall 2017”

  1. Great video Christine! I don’t know how you manage to teach all your classes AND find time to capture all these wonderful photos but I’m glad you do!!!

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