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25+ Things to Print with a Silhouette Alta

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Getting excited about the new Silhouette Alta? If you’ve been following along all week, I’ve given you a FAQ about the Alta and things I wish I knew about it. Now, let’s look at some ideas to get you started with 3D printing.

25+ Things to Print with a Silhouette Alta

  • Jewelry – From earrings and necklaces to charms and rings, the lightweight nature of PLA lends itself well to jewelry making.
  • Beads – While we are talking jewelry making, don’t forget you can make your own beads if you like stringing projects.
  • Headbands – Again, the lightweight material makes for great headbands.
  • Keychains – Keychains are easy enough for a first project.
  • Magnets – Like keychains, magnets are good beginner projects.
  • Cookie cutters/Stamps – The Silhouette 3D program even has a setting for cookie cutters!
  • Scrapbook/Hair bow embellishments – Can’t find the flat back piece you need? Print a custom one.
  • 3D Flowers – Move over rolled flowers, there’s a new flower in town and it is 3D printed!
  • Stamps – Grab a stamp pad and print out some custom reusable stamps. You can easily glue them to a block of wood. Or, if you’ve got a Silhouette Mint, use this link to make more stamp blocks!
  • Leather stamps – If you work with leather, try printing your own leather stamps.
  • Texture plates for embossing and clay – Nothing better than having the ability to print any pattern you want.
  • Reusable stencils – I’m a child of the 1980’s and loved my stencils and colored pencils. I may whip up a few for my kids (and reminisce the whole time they print)!
  • Board game pieces – Love making custom game boards with your Portrait or Cameo? Now you can make custom board game pieces.
  • 3D names – From desk decor to place cards, 3D printed names are perfect for those who like to customize. Don’t stop with names, you can create 3D monograms, too!
  • Cupcake and cake toppers – While paper based cupcake and cake toppers are popular, 3D printed ones might hold up better.
  • Figurines – Be sure to avoid trademark and copyright infringement if you plan to sell them.
  • Molds – If you like to work with clay, resin, or soap, you could print your own molds.
  • Containers – Need a container to hold your vitamins, safety pins, staples, or more? Use the Silhouette Alta.
  • Miniatures – Love crafting miniature goods? Love furnishing dollhouses? The Silhouette Alta will be invaluable to you!
  • Christmas ornaments – Making customized Christmas ornaments is pretty easy with a 3D printer.
  • Bookmarks – Love to read? Make your own bookmarks.
  • Decor – I’ve already got a stash of decor items I can’t wait to print. From a desk organizer to some light switch covers, there’s a million projects.
  • Vases – There are so many different vases available online for 3D printers, I almost feel obligated to print one.
  • Bookends – Lightweight decorative bookends are possible with the Alta.
  • Phone and tablet stands – Need a holder for your device? 3D print it!
  • Replacement hardware and pieces – Something break around your house? Fix it with a custom printed 3D replacement.
  • Tools – Need a certain size tool and can’t use what you have? 3D print yourself what you need, whenever you need it!
  • Large models – You could conquer a large model if you broke each piece down into smaller pieces. Then, snap or glue them together after you print them. Everything from houses and people to castles and planes would be possible.

My most recent 3D print was this set of 3 half vases. I used this wood like PLA filament. After they printed, I attached these round magnets to the back using E6000 glue. Now, they are home to live succulents and hang on my refrigerator.

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Wednesday 15th of August 2018

Thank you! This answered my biggest question about 3D printers.


Wednesday 15th of August 2018

Happy to share!