February Cancer Update

I always know when I start getting emails asking for updates, that I should post a public update about our cancer journey. I cut this week short and gave you the Friday freebie yesterday, so I’d have a chance today.

Honestly, I haven’t updated because I don’t have much information to share – even though the last public update was in September. Currently, our life is pretty normal. The days of inpatient chemotherapy have finished. After the last round of chemo, Will had a PET scan that showed some remaining cancer (or something) in his spleen. He also had a thyroid biopsy which came back negative for a secondary cancer! Right now, we are currently waiting and seeing what the next PET scan will show – it’s scheduled for April. We are hopeful that it shows he is cancer free and that we will be able to put this journey behind us.

Having sold our successful rental company shortly after his diagnosis, Will has been working as a Disney travel agent from home through Planned by Locals and a blogger at Unofficial Universal. Both of these give him a flexible schedule to accommodate doctor’s appointments, rest, and plenty of family. It also gave our family a chance to reconnect on a Disney cruise last month.

We continue to be grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Honestly, I credit Cutting for Business readers for helping me get through the hardest days. So, thank you!

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Oh! And his hair is growing back!

(Taken last month at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island.)

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