Back to School Money Maker: Vinyl Name Decal Sheets

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For the kids heading back to a traditional school setting this year, these adhesive vinyl name decal sheets are always a quick money maker!

Why do they sell well? Since most schools require that everything you send with your child be labeled with their name – parents need to be able to label everything with something nicer than a permanent marker.

What is a Name Decal Sheet?

It’s a sheet of adhesive vinyl where you have cut out names of a child for their parent to place on their items, including pencil cases, notebooks, lunch containers, and more.

Two Ways to Make and Sell Name Decal Sheets

  • All names on one page in a single size and font.
  • Names in a variety of fonts and sizes. (You could also mix in a few monograms or initial sets!)

Neither choice is better than the other, it is a personal preference.

Price Point for Name Decal Sheets

I’d suggest between $10 and $15 for and 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of names. You can expect to fit between 20 and 30 names per page, depending on the length of the name.

Odds and Ends

  • Transfer tape. Don’t forget to apply transfer tape to your name decals before shipping them out to your customer.
  • Customer instructions. Don’t forget to include instructions for your customer. Here’s a few free sets.
  • Easy to weed fonts. Choose fonts that are easy to weed so this quick money maker doesn’t become a chore!
  • Adhesive vinyl. I’d suggest creating name decal sheets with Oracal 631 or equivalent. (I prefer 631 for all indoor uses, but you could use 651. Just another personal preference!)
  • What about heat transfer vinyl? You could make this same idea work with heat transfer vinyl (htv). This would allow parents to iron names onto backpacks, clothing, and more. If you give this a try, you can include this instruction sheet with your orders.

Now, get out there and cash in on back to school time!

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22 thoughts on “Back to School Money Maker: Vinyl Name Decal Sheets”

  1. Love this idea, Christine!! Why not use Oracal 651 because doesn’t that adhesive stick better? I guess I’m thinking parents are putting the names on personal items and not items loaned by the school.
    What grades were these sheets most appealing to? I can definitely see elementary (my 3rd graders would have LOVED these!!).

    Did you give any kind of application instructions with the sheet of stickers?

    Thanks for

      1. I am having trouble finding the instructions. The link above takes me to mug instructions…are they the same?

  2. Silly question, but I am still new to the silhouette and am learning as I go….to design this type of page shown above I would just go into the silhouette design and write the name or initials all over myself or if i wanted it uniform cut and paste then print….just want to make sure I am doing it right. Thank you in advance

  3. What are some of the commercial use fonts would you suggest to use? I’ve ran into so many that don’t cut/weed well AND there are so many available.

  4. Is there a way to type a name and copy it in the different fonts without having to type them individually in Silhouette Studio?

  5. Hi, love all the helpful information! I’m curious what sizes you make the names for back to school sheets?
    If different sizes wondering what range I should go with for the names.

    Thanks so much!!

  6. Christine,
    Where are the places that it is best to sell these at. This is the problem that I am having with my business is finding the right place that people will want what I have. I read about people on Facebook or blogs that they have “the biggest order!” and I ask how did they get that?
    Any input would be great.

  7. Hi! Does the Silhouette program has a “find and replace” type of thing? Or I have to type the name of the kid every time for multiple customers? Thanks!

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