All Things Silhouette Conference Recap – November 2016

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I got back from the All Things Silhouette Conference in Peachtree City, Georgia yesterday! This is the fourth conference I’ve taught at, and today I’m sharing pictures (lots of them!) from the event.

The Classes & Instructors

There were over 50 different classes that ranged from getting to know your Camo, Curio, or Mint to layering vinyl, cutting clay, advanced Silhouette Studio functions, using your Silhouette for business, and everything in between!

Classes were taught by the Silhouette team, popular bloggers, Silhouette Design Store designers, and crafting experts: Melissa Viscount of Silhouette School, Lori Whitlock of Lori Whitlock, Terri Johnson of Terri Johnson Creates, Becky Dykes from My Paper Craze, Kelly Wayment of Finding Time to Create, Mags Bonham of Really Unique Creations, Jason Geary from Expressions Vinyl, Kendall Ehat from Silhouette, Shelley Stokes from Cedar Canyon Textiles, Jamie Omahen from Craft Chameleon, Lisa Potts from The Rhinestone World, Joe Piazza of Siser North America, Spencer Livingston from Silhouette, Jesse Leue from Silhouette, Karen Kroupa owner at Seaver Brook Designs, Jared Barbosa from Heat Press Nation, Richard Blowedow from, and of course – yours truly!

The Fun Extras

If classes weren’t enough for you, there was a font contest, a tee shirt contest, a craft swap, door prizes, delicious food, and wall to wall craft supplies, machines, and product information in vendor hall!

See the Pictures

I hope to see you at one of the 2017 conferences. What classes would you like to see at a future conference? Let me know in the comments!

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Video recap of the All Things Silhouette Conference - A Cameo, Curio, and Mint Enthusiasts Dream! By

10 thoughts on “All Things Silhouette Conference Recap – November 2016”

  1. You did a really great job on the video. I would love to see an “ask the experts” panel perhaps as an evening option. We could submit specific questions in advance and the experts could share with the group. Just a thought!

  2. I just rec’d my Cameo 3. Still in the brand new learning curve and never knew I even wanted one of these until a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t yet invested in anything beyond my bundle pack other than an extra role of transfer paper. In short, I am a total newbie. I plan to attend the 2017 conference and will spend the next year learning the vinyl world. I would like a ‘Vinyl for Dummies’ class that contains a common body of knowledge along with the gotchas that no one really talks about but that everyone experiences at one time or another. Hope that makes sense. Also, a review of best places to purchase quality supplies would be helpful. I plan to storyboard my journey over the next year and hopefully I can share what I learn with others who follow behind me or are interested in trading war stories. Happy Vinyling everyone. I am so excited for this holiday season to share my new passion in gifting to friends and family.

  3. Is this conference only for people already familiar with the machine? I got my machine (Portrait) 2 years ago and still have no idea how to use most of its features. I wish there were more hands on classes available. I live in Massachusetts – if anyone know where classes are offered, I would love to know!

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