6 Ways to Use a Silhouette Mint in Your Business

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Yesterday, I unboxed my Silhouette Mint stamping machine. Today, I’ll tell you more about using the Silhouette Mint in your business.

6 Ways to Use a Silhouette Mint in Your Business

  1. Sell custom designed stamps – There’s already a market on Etsy for handmade stamps from address stamps to “handmade by” or “handcrafted by” stamps and everything in between. Take advantage of the Mint’s unique ability to make custom detailed stamps, like stamps from photos. With the current Mint refill and stamp block pricing, stamps will need to sell for between $30 and $50 (depending on the stamp size) to make a decent profit. You would also have to offer re-inking for a small fee or sell ink bottles to customers and provide instructions for re-inking.
  2. Make business cards – Every small business should have business cards, but I think handmade business cards add a nice touch in a Silhouette based business.
  3. Packaging – In addition to business cards, you can expand your business’ branding onto your packaging with tags, custom bags, custom tissue paper, and more.
  4. Paper crafting – If your business sells custom stationary, cards, cupcake toppers, tags, or anything else with paper you can expand your product lines with new products created with your Silhouette Mint.
  5. Marking products – From cards to wooden signs, you can stamp the back of your products with your company logo and website.
  6. Personal touch – Create a custom stamp with a handwritten sentiment and stamp it on your packing slips for a quick way to customize orders.

What do you plan to do with your Silhouette Mint? Let me know in a comment.

6 Ways to Use a Silhouette Mint in Your Business by cuttingforbusiness.com

P.S. Here’s my Mint project in progress, it’s a selfie stamp. I still need to fine tune it, but the possibilities are endless! Pick up your Silhouette Mint or Silhouette Mint refill kits on Amazon.

Silhouette Mint: Selfie stamp from a photo is a work in progress - cuttingforbusiness.com

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