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Tips for Bundling Products in Your Craft Business

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Yesterday I talked about bundling Christmas products like elves, but don’t forget that you can bundle other products, too! I mentioned yesterday that one way to increase the amount of money that your craft business is making is to upsell through bundling. Here are my additional tips for bundling products in your business.

Tips for Bundling Products in Your Craft Business

  • Give a discount on your bundled products. If the savings are small, express the discount in terms of a percentage rather than a monetary dollar amount.
  • Offer products separately, too. Continue to offer your products not in the bundle for customers that want to buy them ‘a la carte’. Of course, be sure they are priced higher than inside the bundle.
  • Give them top placement. Feature your bundles in ‘Featured Listings’ spots on your website or shop.
  • Don’t bundle things together that don’t work together. Only bundle products together that make sense. For example, a small bundle of monogrammed products like a tumbler, a large decal, and a small decal make sense. Alternatively, a set of adult shoes, an infant bib, and a wood sign don’t make much sense.
  • Don’t put too many products together. Keep your bundles small. Ideally 2 to 5 products work well together.
  • Name your bundle. Consider giving your product bundle a catchy name.
  • Offer bundles on a time limited basis. I’m sure you’ve seen various font resellers offering limited time bundles on groups of fonts. Consider doing the same with your bundles.
  • Put them all in one picture. Photograph your bundled products together in one shot; rather than creating a collage. This helps your listing look intentional and not thrown together.
  • Know when to sell bundles. Bundled products sell especially well around the holidays. You can see this in action in many large retailers who offer bath sets, coffee cups and coffee, snack baskets, and more.
  • Pretty packaging will help them sell. Pay attention to the packaging of your bundle. Similarly to photographing your products together, package the products together.

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