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USPS Price Increases – January 2018

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Retired Content: This article has been retired because it was time sensitive. In general, the USPS increases rates each January. Watch the blog for new information about rate increases in the beginning of each year.

We’ve come to expect it – USPS rates increase at the beginning of each new year. Of course, 2018 is no different. Today, let’s take a look at what’s changing.

USPS Rate Increases for 2018

  • Rates are going up an average of 3.9% – This is slightly higher than last years rate increase of 3%.
    • Priority Mail Express rates are increasing 3.7%.
    • Priority Mail rates are increasing 6.1%.
    • First Class Mail rates are increasing 3.9%.
  • Rate increases take effect on January 21, 2018.

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New Rule: First Class Mail International Flats

Now, the biggest change for 2018 is that First Class Mail International Flats can now only contain documents. If you’ve previously used this service to ship goods, you’ll need to start using First Class Package International Rates. This also means that you’ll be required to fill out customs forms and that customers may be responsible for duties. Unfortunately, for shops using First Class Mail International Flats – the costs in many cases double, triple, and beyond. Read more about this at this link. If you are affected by this change, look into third party companies for better rates than the USPS (like Encidia and

FedEx and UPS Rate Increases

Both FedEx and UPS rates are also increasing for 2018. You can find rate increase information on their respective websites. In almost all cases, for packages under 70 pounds the USPS is more competitively priced.

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