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How to Use Peek in your Craft Business

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On most Saturdays, I host Etsy Shop critiques in the Insider’s Club on Facebook. Why? I think that anytime that you can get unbiased eyes on your shop or website; both you and your shop will benefit. Today, I’m sharing a service called Peek, by User Testing. I recently got a peek at my own website – and found it beneficial so I’m thrilled to pass this resource on to Cutting for Business readers. After my Peek review, I made several changes to my website based on the experience of my tester. The changes were tiny, but they were things that I’d never notice because I look at my website every day.

How Does Peek Work?

Peek, by User Testing, pays testers to visit your website or Etsy Shop. While on your website or shop, the tester records a live video of them using your site and they narrate it – telling you things that they don’t understand or don’t care for. When the tester has completed their video, they upload it to Peek for you to view.

How Much Does It Cost?

Peek is a free service by User Testing. You simply visit their website and enter your URL. You are emailed a link to the 5 minute video once it is completed by a tester. User Testing also offers paid versions of their service, costing $49 per video. Unlike the free version, you can select a target audience as well as specific aspects for the tester to look at, and more.

Ah, ha!

After you view your video, why not take a peek into a few competitor’s websites or shops? That could give you great information to use in your own website or shop!

Go, get your peek at this link and then share this post with a friend (it’s easy, just hover or tap the image below).

How to Use Peek in your Craft Business - Great for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut business owners - by


Tuesday 14th of June 2016

I just submitted my information to try this out. Excited to receive the results!


Tuesday 14th of June 2016

Awesome Andrea! Hope the Peek comes back with lots of helpful insights!