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I’m trying something new here on the Cutting for Business blog, and to say I’m excited is an understatement! Today, I’m going to begin offering ready to purchase craft business names.

Why Am I Selling Business Names?

You may (or may not) know this, but since Cutting for Business started in 2015, I’ve helped name around 20 businesses. And, over the years, I’ve noticed that unique business names are getting harder to find. Especially ones where you can get matching social media usernames! So, I’ve come up with a handful of interesting names, researched them to make sure someone wasn’t using them, and registered the names on popular social media networks.

What Will I Get with My Craft Business Name Purchase?

  • A unique business name.
  • A matching domain name. (Which everyone should have even if you aren’t using it.)
  • Popular social media handles.
  • A registered Etsy Shop name.
  • The ability to start your business as soon as your name is purchased and the transfer is completed.

Will You Own Any Part of the Name?

No, once you purchase the name I will get everything transferred over to you within a day or so. You’ll choose your brand’s color scheme, create a logo and branding, list your own products, and change all the passwords. Each name on Cutting for Business is only sold once.

What Else Should I Know?

  • For every name I’ve listed, there were ten others that didn’t make the cut because another business was already using them.
  • I chose names that are easily brandable but aren’t product specific. This means you can sell any type of different product and the name can grow with you as your company grows.
  • I steered clear of using the words ‘Creations’ and ‘Designs’ in all the names I created because these are very commonly used.
  • I did extensive searches on social media, search engines, and trademark records to be sure the names were available to use, however, I can not guarantee someone isn’t using the name, won’t try to use the name in the future, or isn’t attempting to trademark the name right now.
  • Check back regularly. I’ve got a long list of name ideas, because my brain never seems to rest!

Show Me the Business Names!

Of course! You can find them all listed at this link. I’m starting with a small collection of five names. And, if you like a name, purchase it immediately. Sadly, once it is gone… it’s gone!

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  1. What social media channels are included?
    So right now everything is in your name and then we transfer it all to our name, right?
    Thanks so much for your help!

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